1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 5, the fourth engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 11, delete lines 19 to 24 and insert:

1.4(a) The director of the Minnesota Insurance Marketplace shall report to the
1.5legislature, in the manner specified in section 3.195, at the end of each calendar quarter on:
1.6(1) the financial condition of the marketplace, including actual and projected
1.7revenues and expenses of the administrative operations of the marketplace;
1.8(2) the implementation of the business plan and related policies and procedures
1.9adopted by the board;
1.10(3) the development of the information technology system for the marketplace; and
1.11(4) any other information requested in writing by the chairs or ranking minority
1.12members of the committees of the legislature with jurisdiction over health policy.
1.13(b) The board shall report to the legislature, in the manner specified in section 3.195,
1.14and to the governor by April 15 of each year:
1.15(1) the activities and operations of the marketplace during the previous year of
1.17(2) a statement of the financial condition of the Minnesota Insurance Marketplace as
1.18of December 31 of the previous year; and
1.19(3) a description of the role of insurance producers, navigators, and in-person
1.20assisters in the exchange.
1.21EFFECTIVE DATE.The first quarterly report under this section is due October
1.221, 2013."