1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 5 as follows:
1.2Page 6, delete subdivision 3 and insert:
1.3    "Subd. 3. Insurance producers. (a) The commissioner of management and
1.4budget, in consultation with the commissioner of commerce, shall establish minimum
1.5standards for certifying insurance producers who may sell health benefit plans through
1.6the Minnesota Insurance Marketplace. Producers must complete four hours of training
1.7in order to receive certification. Certification and training shall be administered by the
1.8commissioner of commerce, and the training required under this section shall qualify as
1.9continuing education required under chapter 60K.
1.10(b) Producer compensation shall be established by health carriers that provide health
1.11benefit plans through the Minnesota Insurance Marketplace. Compensation to producers
1.12must be equivalent for health benefit plans sold through the marketplace or outside the
1.14(c) Each health carrier that offers or sells health benefit plans through the Minnesota
1.15Insurance Marketplace shall report in writing to the marketplace on a quarterly basis the
1.16compensation and other incentives it offers or provides to its insurance producers with
1.17regard to each type of health benefit plan the health carrier offers or sells both inside and
1.18outside the marketplace.
1.19(d) An insurance producer that offers health benefits plans for the small group
1.20market in the marketplace shall not discourage an employer from choosing to offer its
1.21employees a defined contribution type of group health benefit plan.
1.22(e) An insurance producer that offers health benefit plans through the Minnesota
1.23Insurance Marketplace shall disclose to prospective purchasers, at the time of the insurance
1.24producer's first contact with the prospective purchaser, the health carriers for which the
1.25insurance producer is authorized to sell health benefit plans through the exchange."