1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 5, the sixth engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 8, line 30, after the period insert "The training must include on-line enrollment
1.3tools, compliance with privacy and security standards, an assessment of the affordability
1.4of various cost-sharing responsibilities, how to evaluate known health risks for that
1.5individual and the likely health risks for the relevant age group, the eligibility requirements
1.6for premium assistance and MAGI public health care programs, the availability of
1.7navigator assistance and enrollment support, tax provisions that may apply to group health
1.8benefit plan purchases, and Minnesota specific programs and marketplace laws."
1.9Page 9, delete lines 12 to 14 and insert:
1.10"(d) Nothing in this act shall prohibit an insurance producer from offering
1.11professional advice and recommendations to a small group purchaser based upon
1.12information provided to the producer.
1.13(e) An insurance producer that offers health benefit plans in the individual market
1.14must not sell or renew an individual health benefit plan to a person whose income
1.15indicates the person may be eligible for either premium assistance or a MAGI public
1.16health program, without first informing the person of the person's potential eligibility for
1.17premium assistance or a MAGI public health program and either offering assistance in
1.18determining the person's eligibility, or referring the person for assistance in determining
1.19eligibility. Nothing in this paragraph prohibits an individual from refusing to apply for
1.20any public program or tax credit.
1.21(f) An insurance producer that offers health benefit plans in the small group market
1.22shall notify each small group purchaser of which group health benefit plans qualify for
1.23Internal Revenue Service approved section 125 tax benefits. The insurance producer shall
1.24also notify small group purchasers of state law provisions that benefit small group plans
1.25when the employer agrees to pay 50 percent or more of its employees' premium. Persons
1.26who are eligible for cost effective medical assistance will count toward the 75 percent
1.27participation requirement in section 62L.03, subdivision 3."
2.1Page 9, line 15, delete "(e)" and insert "(g)"