1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 507 as follows:
1.2Page 2, line 4, delete "by the governor"
1.3Page 2, delete lines 5 to 7 and insert:
1.4"(1) the chairs of the committee in the senate and the house of representatives with
1.5jurisdiction over taxes;
1.6(2) two senators, one from the majority caucus and one from the largest minority
1.7caucus, appointed according to the rules of the senate;
1.8(3) two members of the house of representatives, one from the majority caucus and
1.9one from the largest minority caucus, appointed by the speaker; and"
1.10Page 2, line 8, delete "(2)" and insert "(4)" and after "members" insert "appointed by
1.11the governor"
1.12Page 2, line 15, after the period insert "Members may be removed at the pleasure of
1.13the appointing authority."
1.14Page 3, line 7, before "member" insert "public"
1.15Page 3, line 9, before the period insert "as provided in section 15.059, subdivision 3"
1.16Page 3, delete lines 13 to 15 and insert:
1.17"The Legislative Coordinating Commission shall employ an executive director for
1.18the commission and may employ other staff necessary to carry out this chapter. The
1.19Legislative Coordinating Commission shall provide administrative support services to the
1.21Page 3, line 22, delete "scheduled to expire" and insert "subject to review"
1.22Page 4, line 8, delete "expire" and insert "review"
1.23Page 4, line 25, delete "Expiration" and insert "Review"
1.24Page 4, line 26, delete "and expiration"
1.25Page 5, line 10, after "date" insert "or review schedule"