1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 630, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 58, delete section 2
1.3Page 59, delete section 3 and insert:

1.4    "Sec. 2. [127A.051] SCHOOL CLIMATE COUNCIL.
1.5    Subdivision 1. Establishment and membership. (a) A multiagency leadership
1.6council is established to improve school climate and school safety so that all Minnesota
1.7students in prekindergarten through grade 12 schools and higher education institutions
1.8are provided with safe and welcoming learning environments in order to maximize each
1.9student's learning potential.
1.10(b) The council shall consist of:
1.11(1) the commissioners or their designees from the Departments of Education,
1.12Health, Human Rights, Human Services, Public Safety, and Corrections, and the Office of
1.13Higher Education;
1.14(2) one representative each from the Board of Teaching, Board of School
1.15Administrators, Minnesota School Boards Association, Elementary School Principals
1.16Association, Association of Secondary School Principals, and Education Minnesota as
1.17selected by each organization;
1.18(3) two representatives each of student support personnel, parents, and students as
1.19selected by the commissioner of education;
1.20(4) two representatives of local law enforcement as selected by the commissioner of
1.21public safety;
1.22(5) two representatives of the judicial branch as selected by the chief justice of
1.23the Supreme Court; and
1.24(6) one charter school representative selected by the Minnesota Association of
1.25Charter Schools.
1.26    Subd. 2. Duties. The council must provide leadership for the following activities:
2.1(1) establishment of norms and standards for prevention, intervention, and support
2.2around issues of prohibited conduct;
2.3(2) advancement of evidence-based policy and best practices to improve school
2.4climate and promote school safety; and
2.5(3) development and dissemination of resources and training for schools and
2.6communities about issues of prohibited conduct and other school safety-related issues.

2.7    Sec. 3. [127A.052] SCHOOL CLIMATE CENTER.
2.8(a) The commissioner shall establish a school climate center at the department to
2.9help districts and schools under section 121A.031 provide a safe and supportive learning
2.10environment and foster academic achievement for all students by focusing on prevention,
2.11intervention, support, and recovery. The center must work collaboratively with implicated
2.12state agencies identified by the center and schools, communities, and interested individuals
2.13and organizations to determine how to best use available resources.
2.14(b) The center's services shall include:
2.15(1) evidence-based policy review, development, and dissemination;
2.16(2) single, point-of-contact services for schools, parents, and students seeking
2.17information or other help;
2.18(3) qualitative and quantitative data gathering, interpretation, and dissemination of
2.19summary data for existing reporting systems and student surveys and the identification
2.20and pursuit of emerging trends and issues;
2.21(4) assistance to districts and schools in using Minnesota student survey results to
2.22inform intervention and prevention programs;
2.23(5) education and skill building;
2.24(6) multisector and multiagency planning and advisory activities incorporating
2.25best practices and research; and
2.26(7) administrative and financial support for school site-based planning, school sites
2.27recovering from incidents of violence, and violence prevention education.
2.28(c) The center shall:
2.29(1) compile and make available to all districts and schools evidence-based elements
2.30and resources to develop and maintain safe and supportive schools;
2.31(2) establish and maintain a central repository for collecting and analyzing
2.32information about prohibited conduct, including, but not limited to:
2.33(i) training materials on strategies and techniques to prevent and appropriately
2.34address prohibited conduct;
2.35(ii) model programming;
3.1(iii) remedial responses consistent with section 121A.031, subdivision 3, paragraph
3.2(g); and
3.3(iv) other resources for improving the school climate and preventing prohibited
3.5(3) assist districts and schools to develop strategies and techniques for effectively
3.6communicating with and engaging parents in efforts to protect students from prohibited
3.7conduct by other students and adults; and
3.8(4) solicit input from social media experts on implementing this section.
3.9(d) The commissioner shall provide administrative services including personnel,
3.10budget, payroll and contract services, and staff support for center activities including
3.11developing and disseminating materials, providing seminars, and developing and
3.12maintaining a Web site. Center staff shall include a center director, a data analyst
3.13coordinator, and trainers who provide training to affected state and local organizations
3.14under a fee-for-service agreement. The financial, administrative, and staff support the
3.15commissioner provides under this section must be based on an annual budget and work
3.16program developed by the center and submitted to the commissioner by the center director.
3.17(e) School climate center staff may consult with school safety center staff at the
3.18Department of Public safety in providing services under this section.
3.19EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective beginning July 1, 2013."
3.20Page 81, line 16, delete "121A.08" and insert "127A.052"
3.21Page 86, line 30, delete "121A.08" and insert "127A.052"
3.22Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
3.23Amend the title accordingly