1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 950, the second engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 2, after line 19, insert:
1.3"The commissioner of human services may administer section 179A.06, subdivision
1.46, for the purposes of this section only."
1.5Page 2, line 30, delete "been paid for providing child care assistance"
1.6Page 2, line 31, delete "services to participants" and insert "had an active registration
1.7under chapter 119B"
1.8Page 5, delete lines 32 to 35, and insert:
1.9"(3) access to training and educational opportunities, including training funds, for
1.10individual providers;
1.11(4) required orientation programs, including those for newly hired individual
1.13(5) access to job opportunities within covered programs, including referral
1.14opportunities and practices, through the operation of public registries;
1.15(6) access to and dissemination of information in the registry to participants and
1.16participants' representatives;
1.17(7) procedures for resolving grievances regarding matters in clauses (1) through (6)."
1.18Page 7, line 13, delete "SELF" and insert "CONSUMER"
1.19Page 8, line 10, delete "Self" and insert "Consumer"
1.20Page 8, line 11, delete "Self" and insert "Consumer"
1.21Page 8, delete lines 17 to 19 and insert:
1.22"(1) one parent or legal guardian of a minor who is a current recipient of direct
1.23support services in covered programs;
1.24(2) six current recipients of direct support services in covered programs, including:
1.25(i) at least one current recipient of direct support services through Consumer
1.26Directed Community Supports; and
2.1(ii) two current recipients of direct support services who are adults with a legal
2.2guardian, who may participate with the assistance of their guardian or other support
2.3person of their choice; and"
2.4Page 8, after line 22, insert:
2.5"The membership of the council shall be geographically representative of the
2.6participants in covered programs and reflect the diversity of direct support service
2.7participants with respect to race, age, and disability. No member, other than the chair, shall
2.8be an employee of the Department of Human Services or the Department of Management
2.9and Budget and no member shall be an individual provider."
2.10Page 8, line 26, after the period, insert "Members shall also be reimbursed for
2.11reasonable and necessary travel and personal assistance services expenses that allow for
2.12performing council duties and attending authorized meetings."
2.13Page 8, line 33, delete subdivision 7 and insert:
2.14    "Subd. 7. Meetings. (a) Notwithstanding section 13D.01, the Quality Self-Directed
2.15Services Workforce Council may conduct a meeting of its members by telephone or other
2.16electronic means so long as the following conditions are met:
2.17(1) all members of the council participating in the meeting, wherever their physical
2.18location, can hear one another and can hear all discussion and testimony;
2.19(2) members of the public present at the regular meeting location of the council can
2.20hear all discussion and all votes of members of the council and participate in testimony;
2.21(3) at least one member of the council is physically present at the regular meeting
2.23(4) all votes are conducted by roll call, so each member's vote on each issue can
2.24be identified and recorded; and
2.25(5) accommodations are made for members with communication barriers so that all
2.26members are able to actively participate.
2.27(b) Each member of the council participating in a meeting by telephone or other
2.28electronic means is considered present at the meeting for purposes of determining a
2.29quorum and participating in all proceedings.
2.30(c) If telephone or another electronic means is used to conduct a meeting, the council,
2.31to the extent practical, shall allow a person to monitor the meeting electronically from a
2.32remote location. The council may require the person making such a connection to pay for
2.33documented marginal costs that the council incurs as a result of the additional connection.
2.34(d) If telephone or another electronic means is used to conduct a regular, special, or
2.35emergency meeting, the council shall provide notice of the regular meeting location, of
3.1the fact that some members may participate by electronic means, and of the provisions of
3.2paragraph (c). The timing and method of providing notice is governed by section 13D.04."
3.3Page 10, line 8, after "registries" insert "of individuals who have consented to be