1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1740 as follows:
1.2Page 1, line 22, delete "six" and insert "four"
1.3Page 4, delete lines 6 to 16 and insert:
1.4"(d) For grants awarded in each calendar year for 2014 through 2018, the board
1.5shall award grants to each minimum guarantee county that is a member of the board, in
1.6an amount that is no less than:
1.7(1) one-third of 55 percent; times
1.8(2) the net transit sales tax proceeds for that year; times
1.9(3) (i) the amount of revenue from the state general sales and use taxes under chapter
1.10297A collected within that county in the previous year, divided by
1.11(ii) the amount of revenue from the state general sales and use taxes under chapter
1.12297A collected within all metropolitan counties in the previous year."
1.13Page 4, line 35, delete "and"
1.14Page 5, delete lines 1 to 2
1.15Page 5, line 3, delete "infrastructure"
1.16Page 5, line 3, before the period, insert:
1.17    "(3) annually evaluate and award grants to local units of government including
1.18park districts for construction and maintenance of regional bicycle, trail, and pedestrian
1.19infrastructure; and
1.20(4) annually evaluate and award grants to cities for planning activities related to
1.21land use and transportation linkages, streetcar development, or bicycle and pedestrian
1.23Page 5, delete lines 4 to 6 and insert:
1.24"(d) Grants awarded by the committee under paragraph (c), clauses (3) and (4), are
1.25not subject to approval by the board. Annually, the committee shall award grants under
1.26those clauses in a total amount that equals no more than 3.75 percent of the net transit
2.1sales tax proceeds. Of the grant awards required under this paragraph, at least 80 percent
2.2must be for the purposes specified under paragraph (c), clause (3).
2.3(e) The committee may award a grant under paragraph (c), clause (3), only if the
2.4project being funded is in compliance with:
2.5(1) a regional non-motorized transportation system plan developed by the
2.6Metropolitan Council; or
2.7(2) a municipal non-motorized transportation plan, which must provide coordinated
2.8development of transportation facilities located in adjacent communities including
2.9connections between facilities in each community."