1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2402, the delete everything amendment
1.2(A14-0926), as follows:
1.3Page 5, after line 30, insert:

1.4    "Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 148.104, is amended to read:
1.6A doctor of chiropractic who is the subject of an investigation by or on behalf of
1.7the board shall cooperate fully with the investigation. Cooperation includes appearing
1.8at conferences, meetings, or hearings scheduled by the board and for which the board
1.9provided notice in accordance with chapter 14; responding fully and promptly to any
1.10question raised by or on behalf of the board relating to the subject of the investigation; and
1.11providing copies of patient health records, as reasonably requested by the board, to assist
1.12the board in its investigation. If the board does not have written consent from a patient
1.13allowing the board access to the patient's health records, a doctor of chiropractic shall
1.14delete any data in the record which identifies the patient before providing the records to
1.15the board. The board shall maintain confidentiality of patient health records in accordance
1.16with applicable state and federal laws."
1.17Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
1.18Amend the title accordingly