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Public Safety and Civil Justice


2007-2008 Regular Session - Tuesday, February 27, 2007



Representative Kalin, Vice-Chair, called the meeting to order at 12:35 P.M. on Tuesday, February 27, 2007, in Room 10 of the State Office Building.

The Committee Legislative Assistant noted the roll.

Members Present: Members Excused:
Mullery, Chair Kohls
Kalin, Vice-Chair

A quorum was present.

Representative Johnson moved approval of the Minutes for February 22, 2007. THE MOTION PREVAILED AND THE MINUTES WERE APPROVED.

HF 1200 (Kranz): A bill for an act relating to legislation; correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references; eliminating certain redundant, conflicting, and superseded
provisions; making miscellaneous technical corrections to statutes and other laws; amending Minnesota Statutes 2006, sections 3.97, subdivision 2; 5.25, subdivisions 1, 3, 5; 5.29; 13.461, subdivision 1; 13.632, subdivision 1; 13.7931, subdivision 1; 13.871, by adding a subdivision; 17.81, subdivision 4; 37.21, subdivision 1; 47.61, subdivision 3; 85.054, subdivision 5; 115.55,
subdivision 7; 115A.193; 115A.28, subdivision 2; 115A.9157, subdivision 5; 115A.97, subdivision 6; 115A.99, subdivision 2; 116L.03, subdivision 1; 116L.665, subdivision 1; 119A.03, subdivision 2; 119A.04, subdivision 1; 147.02, subdivision 1; 256.741, subdivision 1; 256J.68, subdivision 1; 273.032; 289A.42, subdivision 1; 296A.26; 297A.62, subdivision 1; 297A.70, subdivision 3; 297F.23; 323A.0901; 323A.0902; 336.9-334; 336B.01, subdivision 2;
340A.412, subdivision 4; 340A.414, subdivision 2; 347.06; 469.321, subdivision 1; 469.333, subdivision 2; 469.335; 469.336; 477A.014, subdivision 1; 504B.321, subdivision 1; 518A.40, subdivision 3; 523.24, subdivision 9; 611.27, subdivisions 13, 15; 611A.55, subdivisions 1, 2; 626.89, subdivision 1; 626.90, subdivision 7; Laws 2003, chapter 118, sections 28, as amended; 29, as amended; Laws 2005, First Special Session chapter 3, article 5, section 44, subdivision 1, as amended; Laws 2006, chapter 259, article 13, sections 7; 8; repealing Minnesota Statutes 2006, sections 1.33; 1.34; 1.35; 1.36; 1.37; 1.38; 1.39; 1.40; 13.319, subdivision 2; 60A.13, subdivision 4a; 92.67, subdivision 1a; 115A.055, subdivision 2; 115A.545; 115A.9157, subdivision 4; 116O.091, subdivision 7; 135A.153, subdivision 5; 148B.55; 273.1398, subdivisions 4a, 4c; 383E.40; 383E.41; 383E.42; 383E.43; 383E.44; 383E.45; 383E.46; 383E.47; 383E.48; 383E.49; 477A.011, subdivision 28; 611A.201, subdivision 3; Laws 2004, chapter 206, section 8; Laws 2005, chapter 136, article 3, section 22; Laws 2005, First Special Session chapter 8, article 1, section 23; article 10, section 6; Laws 2006, chapter 236, article 1, section 2; Laws 2006, chapter 253, section 5; Laws 2006, chapter 258, section 37; Laws 2006,

Public Safety and Civil Justice Policy Committee
Minutes for Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Page 2

chapter 260, article 5, section 43; Laws 2006, chapter 263, article 3, section 13; Laws 2006, chapter 271, article 8, section 3.

Representative Kranz presented HF 1200.

Testifying for the bill:
ÿ Michele Timmons, Revisor of Statutes

Representative Mullery assumed the chair at 12:45 pm.

Representative Kranz moved that HF 1200 be passed, and when so passed, be placed on the Consent Calendar. THE MOTION PREVAILED.

HF 996 (Lesch): A bill for an act relating to taxation; changing and clarifying certain tax data classification and disclosure provisions; providing for administration and classification of class 1b homestead declarations; amending Minnesota Statutes 2006, sections 270B.01, subdivision 8; 270B.02, subdivision 3; 270B.085, by adding a subdivision; 270B.14, subdivision 3; 273.1315.

Representative Lesch presented HF 996.

Testifying for the bill:
Rich Walzer, Staff Attorney, Minnesota Department of Revenue

Chair Mullery moved the bill be laid over for possible inclusion in the Public Safety and Civil Justice Policy Committee omnibus bill.

HF 503 (Hilstrom): A bill for an act relating to crime; making it a crime to use the Internet to solicit children to engage in sexual conduct, communicate with children in a sexually explicit manner, or distribute sexually explicit material to children; providing penalties; amending Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 609.352.

Representative Hilstrom presented HF 867.

Testifying for the bill:
David Voigt, Attorney General's Office
Detective Craig Martin, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department

Representative Hilstrom moved to orally amend the bill as follows:

Page 2, line 16, strike "this section" and insert "subdivision 2"

Page 2, line 16, after the period insert, "Mistake as to age is an affirmative defense to a prosecution under subdivision 2a."


Representative Hilstrom moved that HF 503 be recommended to pass, as amended, and re-referred to the Committee on Finance, with a further recommended re-referral to the Public Safety and Civil Justice Finance Division. THE MOTION PREVAILED.

HF 950 (Carlson): A bill for an relating to crime; correcting an unintentional repeal; resuming the payment of certain bail proceeds to the municipalities and subdivisions of government in Hennepin County; reimbursing same for past due proceeds; removing obsolete references and provisions concerning the Fourth Judicial District; appropriating money; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 484.

Chair Mullery moved HF 950 before the committee.

Public Safety and Civil Justice Policy Committee
Minutes for Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Page 3

Chair Mullery moved the A07-0104 amendment. THE AMENDMENT WAS ADOPTED.

Representative Carlson presented HF 950, as amended.

Testifying for the bill:
ÿ Mark Thompson, Administrator, Hennepin County District Court

Chair Mullery moved that HF 950 be recommended to pass, as amended, and re-referred to the Committee on Finance. THE MOTION PREVAILED.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 P.M.


Vickie Benson, Committee Legislative Assistant
More Info On This Meeting..

HF1200 (Kranz) Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references; and making technical corrections.
HF996 (Lesch) Tax data classification and disclosure provisions clarified and modified, and class 1b homestead declarations administration and classification provided.
HF950 (Carlson) Fourth Judicial District obsolete references and provisions removed, unintentional repeal corrected, bail proceeds payment resumed for Hennepin County municipalities.
HF503 (Hilstrom) Sexual solicitation of children through the Internet crimes provided.