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Fiscal Analysis Department

155 State Office Building St. Paul, MN 55155
Phone: 651-296-7176 Fax: (651) 296-9709
Emily Adriaens, Chief Fiscal Analyst

About the Department

The Fiscal Analysis Department is a professional, nonpartisan department within the Minnesota House of Representatives that provides impartial and confidential services to all members of the House of Representatives. Individual fiscal analysts staff finance and tax committees to provide assistance on state budgetary and fiscal issues.


The Fiscal Analysis Department is overseen by the chief fiscal analyst, who currently has a staff of ten fiscal analysts. The Minnesota House of Representatives has a Ways and Means Committee, which oversees overall state fiscal policy and reviews all committee actions related to fiscal matters; a Tax Committee, which is responsible for state tax policy; and several finance committees, which oversee agency budgets, related program grants and formulas, and capital projects. The chief fiscal analyst staffs the Ways and Means Committee, two fiscal analysts staff the Tax Committee, and eight fiscal analysts staff the remaining House finance committees.


The Fiscal Analysis Department has a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Review of executive and legislative spending requests;
  • Assistance to finance committees in developing and analyzing budgetary alternatives;
  • Monitoring the fiscal impact of legislative proposals through fiscal notes and revenue estimates as prepared by the executive branch;
  • Preparation and review of legislation to implement legislative budget decisions, including supplemental appropriations;
  • Tracking legislative budget decisions, and
  • Providing analysis of enacted budgets for legislative oversight.


The Fiscal Analysis Department prepares and distributes publications that provide information on state budget issues and government finance. Currently available from this web site are two types of documents: 1) budget tracking spreadsheets that record appropriation amounts for current and past legislative sessions in each subject area, and 2) publications that summarize fiscal issues important to the House. These publications include Money Matters, which offers in-depth analyses of various fiscal issues, and Issue Briefs, which summarize current fiscal topics of interest to the Legislature.