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Lawmakers return to St. Paul for 2024 session — what can Minnesotans expect?

The DFL trifecta-led Legislature made myriad changes across a spectrum of state topics in 2023.

Paid Family and Medical LeaveAbortion rightsFree breakfast and lunch for all K-12 studentsA $260 one-time rebate check to low- and middle-income MinnesotansRecord investments in housingRecreational cannabisDriver’s licenses for allGas and sales tax increases for transportation purposes.

To do so, much of a projected record $17.5 billion budget surplus was needed as the state budget grew to an all-time high of $72 billion for the current biennium, which ends June 30, 2025.

As for 2024?

“We’ll continue, as we did last year, focusing on the things (Minnesotans) care about the most which is strong public education, affordable health care and then economic security for their families,” House Speaker Melissa Hortman (DFL-Brooklyn Park) said in a Wednesday interview. Read more

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Event Schedule

House Rules and Legislative Administration Committee
Monday, April 15 2024 4/15/2024 9:00 AM
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Deadline waivers:.
- HF5274 (Stephenson) Horse racing; advance deposit wagering conduct, card playing, and pari-mutel betting provided; historical horse racing and other games authorization prohibited; definitions provided; and clarifying and conforming changes made.
- HF685 (Agbaje) Corporate home owner residential rentals restricted; statewide landlord database established.
- HF912 (Agbaje) Layla Jackson Law established, child welfare provisions modified, African American Child Well-Being Advisory Council established, reports required, and money appropriated.
- HF4822 (Feist) Tax-forfeited property excess sale proceed distribution modified, and money appropriated.
- HF3689 (Hassan) Out-of-home placement plan summary requirement added.
- HF4461 (Hollins) License to sell copper metal required.

House Ways and Means Committee
Monday, April 15 2024 4/15/2024 10:30 AM
Watch: Live Event
HF4444 (Greenman) Misclassification of employees prohibited, penalties imposed, and data classified.
Amendment to the 2024 Budget Resolution.

House Property Tax Division
Monday, April 15 2024 4/15/2024 10:30 AM
Watch: Live Event
Delete everything amendment to HF5198 (Lislegard) Property Tax Division Report.
- Walkthrough.
- Public testimony.
- Mark-up.

House Capital Investment Committee
Monday, April 15 2024 4/15/2024 1:00 PM
Watch: Live Event
HF4521 (O'Driscoll) Sauk Rapids; PFAS contamination abatement and mitigation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
HF3395 (Hemmingsen-Jaeger) Woodbury; water infrastructure funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
HF3115 (Hudella) Hastings; water treatment plants funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
May 2023 Evaluation of Current Alternatives and Estimated Cost Curves for PFAS Removal and Destruction from Municipal Wastewater, Biosolids, Landfill Leachate, and Compost Contact Water.
Overview on PFAS drinking water protection/maximum contaminant levels.
HF5309 (Lee, F.) Unspent funds originally appropriated for PFAS manufacturers fee work group appropriated, and PFAS removal strategies report required.

House Education Finance Committee
Monday, April 15 2024 4/15/2024 1:00 PM
Watch: Live Event
Walkthrough of HF5237 (Youakim) Education supplemental budget bill.

Session Daily Update
Monday, April 15 2024 4/15/2024 3:25 PM
Watch: Live Event
Updates from the House.

House Floor Session
Monday, April 15 2024 4/15/2024 3:30 PM
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HF3508 (Hansen) State land transfer fee provisions modified, land added to state parks, surplus state land sales and conveyances authorized, Upper Sioux Agency State Park deauthorized, and money appropriated.
SF2904 (Hansen) Environment policy bill.
SF4399 (Fischer) Human services policy bill.
SF4097 (Stephenson) Commerce policy bill.

News and Notes

Bill Introductions: HF5340-HF5363

2024 Session

The 2024 legislative session must end by May 20. The 2025 session will begin Jan. 14, 2025.

2024 religious recesses

  • Easter: 5 p.m. March 27 until noon on April 2
  • Eid: 5 p.m. April 9 until noon on April 11
  • Passover: April 22-23, activity to resume at noon on April 24 

2024 committee deadlines

  • March 22: Committees in both bodies must act favorably on bills that are not major appropriation or finance bills
  • April 19: Committees in both bodies must act favorably on major appropriation and finance bills

Member retirements

The Legislative Reference Library maintains a list of members not seeking re-election in 2024.

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