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Commerce, Jobs and Economic Development Policy

Wednesday, February 20, 2002 - 4:06 PM

03:05 - HF3348 (Nornes) Workers' compensation payment provisions and intervention procedures modified. 10:35 - HF3425 (Davids) Credit scoring procedures regulated. 16:58 - HF3158 (Gunther) Greater Minnesota redevelopment program established. 19:03 - HF1205 (Sykora) Wine; off-sale wine licenses authorized for supermarkets in metropolitan counties. **The following bills were addressed at numerous times during the committee. The bills order below may not be accurate*. HF3082 (Jennings) Wage credits earned by school food service employees used for specified unemployment benefit purposes. HF3143 (Sertich) Economic development obsolete provisions eliminated, world trade center use modified, urban initiative program modified, wastewater and drinking water funding coordinated, and bonding authority increased. HF3492 (Davids) Joint underwriting association procedures modified to include avoidance of grave risk. HF3464 (McElroy) Money transmitter act small business category created and regulations modified. HF3468 (Stang) Liquor sales exempted from on-sale hours restrictions in certain instances (Omnibus Liquor Bill). HF2755 (Haas) Health insurance form and rate filing requirements modified, task force on small business health insurance extended, geographic premium variations modified, and renewal premium increases cap established. HF2641 (Bradley) Health plan company regulation modified, prescription drug discount program established, Minnesota provider tax and tobacco tax provisions modified, malpractice punitive damage limit imposed, and money appropriated. Runs 4 hours, 8 minutes.