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House Floor Session

Monday, May 5, 2003 - 12:04 PM

House Floor Session. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 17:27 - <A HREF="">SF515</A> (Meslow) A bill for an act relating to criminal justice; modifying structure of financial crimes task force and modifying related policies; repealing sunset provision. 22:51 - <A HREF="">HF1336</A> (Seagren) A bill for an act relating to education; establishing requirements for paraprofessionals. 23:30 - <A HREF="">HF326</A> (Samuelson) A bill for an act relating to health; modifying dental practice provisions. 27:34 - <A HREF="">HF279</A> (Abeler) A bill for an act relating to health; modifying provisions for certifying a physical disability; modifying provisions for admitting a person for emergency care of mental illness or mental retardation. 30:49 - <A HREF="">HF643</A> (Kuisle) A bill for an act relating to motor vehicles; modifying definition of registered owner of motor vehicle; regulating temporary registration permits for vehicles; modifying registration renewal notice procedures; modifying procedures relating to vehicle transactions with dealers; clarifying regulatory responsibilities for vehicle insurance; requiring trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds to submit to weighing; modifying provisions governing expiration dates for drivers' licenses and identification cards; making clarifying changes. 37:34 - <A HREF="">HF1044</A> (Brod) A bill for an act relating to professions; providing clarification of costs and penalties that may be collected in disciplinary proceedings by the boards of nursing home administrators, optometry, chiropractic examiners, physical therapy, dietetics and nutrition practice, dentistry, podiatric medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine. 40:53 - <A HREF="">SF433</A> (Abeler) A bill for an act relating to human services; requiring specialized Alzheimer's disease training in certain facilities and services; providing for consumer disclosure. 52:38 - <A HREF="">HF471</A> (Knoblach) A bill for an act relating to elections; requiring primaries in certain school district elections. 1:15:14 - <A HREF="">HF385</A> (Fuller) A bill for an act relating to judiciary; providing a gross misdemeanor penalty for fifth degree arson when the conduct results in bodily harm to a person; updating the fine amount for a misdemeanor penalty. 1:20:30 - <A HREF="">SF942</A> (Lipman) A bill for an act relating to evidence; authorizing admission in evidence of chain of custody documentation. 1:35:53 - <A HREF="">HF988</A> (Magnus) A bill for an act relating to transportation; authorizing commissioner of transportation to replace railroad lands needed for a trunk highway. 1:39:35 - <A HREF="">HF1244</A> (Jacobson) A bill for an act relating to lawful gambling; making various clarifying and technical changes; providing and modifying definitions; permitting resale of certain gambling equipment; providing for fees, prices, and prize limits; clarifying requirements for gambling managers and employees, premises, records and reports; clarifying conduct of high school raffles. 1:59:38 - <A HREF="">HF1071</A> (Powell) A bill for an act relating to health; applying licensure regulations and requirements to the alkaline hydrolysis process. 2:03:40 - <A HREF="">HF943</A> (Rhodes) A bill for an act relating to state government; modifying practices and procedures relating to state finance; transferring State Treasurer duties to the Commissioner of Finance. 2:26:27 - <A HREF="">HF414</A> (Cox) A bill for an act relating to natural resources; updating soil and water conservation district law; changing requirements for petitions and elections relating to soil and water conservation districts; clarifying removal provisions for soil and water conservation district supervisors. 2:43:58 - <A HREF="">SF1098</A> (Mahoney) A bill for an act relating to occupational safety and health; eliminating certain responsibilities of the commissioner of health; increasing penalty limits for certain violations. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY was continued. Runs 2 hours, 58 minutes.