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House Floor Session

Monday, May 12, 2003 - 11:10 AM

CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 26:35 - <A HREF="">SF407</A> (Kielkucki) A bill for an act relating to towns; providing for optional election of certain officers. 29:02 - <A HREF="">HF754</A> (Osterman) A bill for an act relating to eminent domain; changing the definition of displaced person to correspond to federal law. 35:22 - <A HREF="">SF693</A> (Buesgens) A bill for an act relating to the Metropolitan Council; authorizing the use of energy forward pricing mechanisms. 1:47:40 - <A HREF="">HF680</A> (Urdahl) A bill for an act relating to education; providing for opportunity to respond to nonrenewal of certain coaching contracts. 1:51:15 - <A HREF="">HF984</A> (Swenson) A bill for an act relating to cooperatives; authorizing businesses to organize as cooperative associations. 2:30:10 - <A HREF="">HF671</A> (Gunther) A bill for an act relating to telecommunications; regulating promotions and packages of telephone company services; removing sunset expiration dates for alternative regulation plans for telecommunications providers. 2:33:20 - <A HREF="">SF328</A> (Powell) A bill for an act relating to health; authorizing the Board of Psychology to require an independent examination of a practitioner; classifying such information. 2:39:35 - <A HREF="">SF418</A> (Nornes) A bill for an act relating to occupations and professions; removing restriction of prescribing only topical legend by board certified optometrists; requiring that drugs be used as included in optometry curricula; authorizing the prescription of certain substances; amending reporting requirement of health professionals to include all legend drugs; optometrists using legend drugs be held to the standards as physicians. 2:45:25 - <A HREF="">HF293</A> (Brod) A bill for an act relating to municipalities; allowing the prescribing of certain fees by a fee schedule. 2:48:12 - <A HREF="">HF723</A> (Erhardt) A bill for an act relating to traffic regulations; exempting certain motor vehicles from seat belt law. 2:51:25 - <A HREF="">HF504</A> (Kielkucki) A bill for an act relating to elections; limiting certain ballot questions. 2:53:45 - <A HREF="">HF860</A> (Gunther) A bill for an act relating to energy; exempting small municipal utilities from certain conservation reporting requirements; authorizing use of conservation funds for refurbishing municipal district heating and cooling systems. 2:55:42 - <A HREF="">HF306</A> (Rukavina) A bill for an act relating to local government; authorizing reimbursement by the city of Biwabik to the town of White according to their orderly annexation agreement. 2:57:59 - <A HREF="">HF883</A> (Wilkin) A bill for an act relating to metropolitan government; providing for the confirmation of the chair of the Metropolitan Airports Commission by the Senate; changing the composition, filing of appointments, and the terms of office of the members of the Metropolitan Airports Commission; providing for oversight of the Metropolitan Council and Airports Commission by the Legislative Commission on Metropolitan Government. 3:59:58 - <A HREF="">SF374</A> (Lesch) A bill for an act relating to the city of St. Paul; making technical changes to the civic center authority powers and duties. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY was continued. Runs 4 hours, 11 minutes.