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House Floor Session

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 - 11:08 AM

CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 23:23 - <A HREF="">SF872</A> (Kohls) A bill for an act relating to real property; conveyances by spouses; purchase-money mortgages. 1:37:05 - <A HREF="">SF575</A> (Holberg) A bill for an act relating to civil actions; modifying the limitation period for civil actions for personal injury based on sexual abuse against a minor. 2:10:05 - <A HREF="">HF42</A> (Lipman) bill for an act relating to elections; prohibiting use of public to promote or defeat ballot questions. 2:32:45 - <A HREF="">HF575</A> (Gerlach) A bill for an act relating to state government; putting a limit on amount to be spent on art in state-financed buildings; limiting administrative expenses. 3:15:29 - <A HREF="">SF727</A> (Olsen, S.) A bill for an act relating to adoption; modifying postadoption services requirements. 3:20:45 - <A HREF="">SF1282</A> (Thao) A bill for an act relating to veterans; providing for placement in the capitol area of a statue commemorating Hmong veterans of the campaign in Laos during the Vietnam War. 3:23:16 - <A HREF="">SF174</A> (Murphy) A bill for an act relating to Saint Louis county; modifying political activity restrictions for certain officers and employees in the classified service. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY was continued. Runs 4 hours, 28 minutes.