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House Floor Session

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 - 11:40 AM

CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 08:50 - <A HREF="">HF810</A> (Howes) A bill for an act relating to state lands; providing for certain state land acquisition; modifying the Mississippi whitewater trail; modifying provisions of the outdoor recreation system; establishing a mineral coordinating committee; establishing boundaries for a proposed state park; adding to and deleting from state parks, state recreation areas, state forests, and wildlife management areas; authorizing public and private sales and conveyances of certain state lands; requiring certain land exchanges; modifying certain appropriations conditions. 2:34:27 - <A HREF="">SF256</A> (Strachan) A bill for an act relating to crime prevention; making changes related to search warrants. FISCAL CALENDAR. 2:37:10 - <A HREF="">HF1469</A> (Abrams) Public Finance bill. Providing for capital improvement bonds for cities and other capital and public financing and economic development tools and procedures for cities, counties, and other municipalities and local government units. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 3:26:15 - <A HREF="">HF1006</A> (Boudreau) A bill for an act relating to elections; providing for conformity with the federal Help America Vote Act; creating a complaint process; imposing a penalty. 4:35:19 - <A HREF="">HF831</A> (Gunther) A bill for an act relating to unemployment insurance; modifying provisions to increase the solvency of the trust fund; making policy and technical changes. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY was continued. Runs 4 hours, 50 minutes.