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House Floor Session

Thursday, May 15, 2003 - 1:38 PM

MESSAGE FROM THE SENATE. 14:00 - Concur to Senate amendments to <A HREF="">HF547</A> (Davids) A bill for an act relating to commerce; regulating payment for certain warranty work by farm implement dealers; changing the definition of heavy and utility equipment. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 24:51 - <A HREF="">SF794</A> (Murphy) Radioactive waste management provisions modified, dry cask storage at Prairie Island authorized, commission approval required for additional storage capacity for spent nuclear fuel, and renewable energy source funding required. **Amended to insert the language of <A HREF="">HF775</A> (Westrom) A bill for an act relating to energy; modifying provisions relating to radioactive waste management and renewable energy. 4:09:55 - <A HREF="">HF376</A> (Wilkin) A bill for an act relating to health; modifying enrollee cost sharing provisions for health maintenance organizations. 4:14:54 - <A HREF="">SF388</A> (Fuller) A bill for an act relating to vehicle forfeiture; clarifying and modifying certain definitions, standards, and procedures for vehicle forfeitures associated with driving while impaired. 5:22:25 - <A HREF="">HF592</A> (Vandeveer) A bill for an act relating to human services; modifying an adult foster care licensing provision. 5:24:35 - <A HREF="">HF1064</A> (Samuelson) A bill for an act relating to state employees; making technical and housekeeping changes. 5:27:40 - Motion to reconsider the earlier vote on the amended version of SF794 (Westrom) which was defeated earlier in the day; and subsequent motion to lay the bill on the table. 5:32:50 - <A HREF="">SF1260</A> (Hoppe) A bill for an act relating to public utilities; making changes to the telephone assistance plan. 5:35:37 - <A HREF="">SF333</A> (Abeler) A bill for an act relating to health; modifying provisions relating to the practice of speech-language pathology or audiology. 5:52:55 - <A HREF="">SF231</A> (Lesch) A bill for an act relating to local government; establishing a retroactive effective date for Saint Paul civil service separation. 5:55:45 - <A HREF="">SF28</A> (Kohls) bill for an relating to commerce; modifying and enacting amendments to Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code recommended by the National of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY was continued. Runs 6 hours, 3 minutes.