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House Floor Session - part 1 of 3

Friday, May 16, 2003 - 9:50 AM

MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. CONCURRENCE TO SENATE AMENDMENTS. 07:15 - <A HREF="">HF385</A> (Fuller) A bill for an act relating to judiciary; providing a gross misdemeanor penalty for fifth degree arson when the conduct results in bodily harm to a person; updating the fine amount for a misdemeanor penalty. 09:55 - <A HREF="">HF837</A> (Olson, M.) A bill for an act relating to natural resources; allowing the Clearwater river watershed district to charge for facilities for disposing sewage, industrial waste, or other wastes. 13:00 - <A HREF="">HF1257</A> (Swenson) A bill for an act relating to natural resources; authorizing a drainage authority to compensate landowners for the removal of a bridge. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS ON HOUSE BILLS. 17:55 - <A HREF="">HF677</A> (Erickson) A bill for an act relating to occupations and professions; modifying licensure requirements for architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, geoscientists, and interior designers. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 24:11 - <A HREF="">HF1425</A> (Holberg) A bill for an act relating to judgments; regulating stays of execution on money judgments; limiting bond amounts. 38:30 - <A HREF="">SF552</A> (Anderson, B.) A bill for an act relating to claims against the state; providing for payment of various claims; authorizing a payment; confirming a decision. 1:05:50 - <A HREF="">SF926</A> (Kohls) A bill for an act relating to public safety; providing for property manager background checks on the Minnesota computerized criminal history system. 1:09:57 - <A HREF="">SF857</A> (Olson) A bill for an act relating to lake improvement districts; changing the percent of property owners necessary to petition for creation and termination of a district. 1:13:33 - <A HREF="">SF484</A> (Nelson, P.) A bill for an act relating to counties; authorizing counties to require the dedication of land for public parks; providing certain terms and conditions for the dedication. 1:18:00 - <A HREF="">SF1180</A> (Krinkie) Department of Administration housekeeping bill; updating references; increasing the threshold project amount for designer selection board approval; modifying building code language; modifying state procurement provisions; making permanent litigation proceeds settlement law; eliminating a report. 2:36:25 - <A HREF="">HF169</A> (Lipman) A bill for an act relating to trusts; providing for animal care and memorial fund trusts; changing an application provision; providing for agreements; clarifying procedures; providing an effective date. The House went in recess to the call of the Chair. Runs 2 hours, 42 minutes.