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2003 Special Session - House Floor Session - part 2 of 4

Thursday, May 22, 2003 - 1:47 PM

MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 01:00 - <A HREF="">SF18</a> (Gunther) Unemployment insurance provisions modified to increase the solvency of the trust fund. 07:31 - <A HREF="">SF14</a> (Fuller) DWI; vehicle forfeiture definitions, standards, and procedures clarified and modified for forfeitures associated with driving while impaired. 1:23:40 - <A HREF="">SF28</a> (Gunther) Trade and Economic Development Department renamed Department of Employment and Economic Development. 1:29:50 - <A HREF="">SF13</a> (Samuelson) Dental practice provision modified. 1:32:40 - <A HREF="">SF10</a> (Krinkie) Department of Administration provisions modified and data practices regulated. 1:36:50 - <A HREF="">SF6</a> (Seifert) Administrative rules use of the good cause exemption notice requirements imposed. The House went in recess to the call of the Chair. Runs 1 hour, 51 minutes.