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House Floor Session - afternoon

Monday, May 10, 2004 - 12:36 PM

01:15 - Gavel. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 22:44 - Concurrence to Senate amendments to <A HREF="">HF730</A> (Howes) A bill for an act relating to real property; specifying certain additional warranties; specifying limitation of actions based on breach. 30:06 - Concurrence to Senate amendments to <A HREF="">HF1392</A> (Vandeveer) A bill for an act relating to cities; allowing the charter to prohibit members of the governing body of the city from serving on the charter commission. 32:13 - Concurrence to Senate amendments to <A HREF="">HF2691</A> (Bradley) A bill for an act relating to human services; Council on Disability; permitting the council to meet by telephone or electronic means if certain conditions are met. FISCAL CALENDAR. 35:28 - <A HREF="">HF3081</A> (Abrams) Public Finance bill. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS ON HOUSE BILLS. 1:25:01 - <A HREF="">HF1645</A> (Urdahl) A bill for an act relating to museums and archives repositories; regulating loans to and abandoned property of museums and archives repositories; providing a process for establishing ownership of property loaned to museums and archives repositories. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 1:28:49 - <A HREF="">SF2080</A> (Boudreau) A bill for an act relating to health; requiring licensure for outpatient surgical centers; requiring certain disclosures; requiring reports for diagnostic imaging facilities; providing for inspections; modifying disciplinary grounds for physicians; modifying certain definitions for medical assistance. 1:33:29 - <A HREF="">SF1803</A> (Lipman) A bill for an act relating to business organizations; enacting and modifying the Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 2001; providing transitional provisions; making conforming changes; regulating the organization, structure, and governance of business corporations, nonprofit corporations, and limited liability companies. 1:35:53 - <A HREF="">SF2231</A> (Biernat) A bill for an act relating to peace officers; clarifying when a peace officer may recoup attorney fees and costs in a civilian complaint proceeding. 1:38:03 - <A HREF="">SF1973</A> (Holberg) A bill for an act relating to metropolitan government; changing the composition of the Metropolitan Radio Board; providing for requests to the Metropolitan Council for authorization and issuance of revenue bonds for certain purposes; extending the sunset of the Metropolitan Radio Board. 1:42:13 - <A HREF="">HF2577</A> (DeLaForest) A bill for an act relating to legislation; correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references; eliminating certain redundant, conflicting, and superseded provisions; making miscellaneous technical corrections to statutes and other laws. 1:45:50 - <A HREF="">HF2561</A> (Urdahl) A bill for an act relating to education; modifying certain training and transportation requirements. 1:49:10 - <A HREF="">HF2737</A> (Beard) A bill for an act relating to municipal airports; requiring notice to Commissioner of Transportation and public notice and hearing before final closure of municipal airport. 1:53:19 - <A HREF="">SF2620</A> (Brod) A bill for an act relating to fire insurance; prescribing certain notice requirements; amending provisions regulating township mutual combination policies. 1:55:35 - <A HREF="">HF2334</A> (Howes) A bill for an act relating to natural resources; modifying provisions for the sale and disposition of surplus state lands; modifying certain state land management provisions; adding to and removing from certain state forests, state wildlife management areas, and land use districts; authorizing public and private sales and exchanges of certain state lands; modifying prior sale authorization; appropriating money. 2:29:40 - <A HREF="">HF2304</A> (Rhodes) A bill for an act relating to drivers' licenses; modifying requirements for operating motor vehicle by holder of provisional license. 3:02:49 - <A HREF="">HF2078</A> (Holberg) A bill for an act relating to public transit; clarifying railroad grade crossing requirements; clarifying crimes involving public transit; providing penalties. 3:06:21 - <A HREF="">HF2642</A> (Harder) A bill for an act relating to family law; requiring certain parent education programs; requiring a notice. 3:21:30 - <A HREF="">HF3061</A> (Osterman) A bill for an act relating to the State Board of Investment; classifying data related to certain investments. 4:05:08 - <A HREF="">HF2864</A> (Hornstein) A bill for an act relating to food law; clarifying the basis on which food can be labeled as kosher. 4:12:55 - <A HREF="">SF2379</A> (Brod) A bill for an act relating to commerce; regulating real estate brokers and salespersons; making various changes in real property law; recodifying the laws and rules regulating these licensees; making technical and conforming changes; prohibiting unreasonable delays in mortgage loan closings. 4:15:15 - <A HREF="">HF2217</A> (Meslow) A bill for an act relating to traffic regulations; requiring vehicles to wait at railroad crossings until roadway is clear. The CALENDAR FOR THE DAY was continued. The House went in recess to the call of the Chair. Runs 4 hours, 29 minutes.