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House Floor Session

Wednesday, May 12, 2004 - 12:37 PM

01:35 - Gavel. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORT ON SENATE FILES. 15:18 - <A HREF="">SF1753</A> (Westrom) A bill for an act relating to utilities; modifying low-income electric rate discount program. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 21:02 - <A HREF="">HF606</A> (Smith) A bill for an act relating to health; modifying prior authorization requirements for health care services; establishing requirements for provider contracting; modifying provisions for payment of claims. 37:55 - <A HREF="">HF2095</A> (Westerberg) A bill for an act relating to mortgage foreclosure; providing for rescission of foreclosure consultant contracts; regulating foreclosure consultant contracts; providing remedies for foreclosure violations; requiring foreclosure purchasers to enter foreclosure reconveyances in the form of written contracts; regulating foreclosure contracts; prohibiting certain foreclosure purchaser practices; providing enforcement remedies; requiring certain foreclosure notices; imposing criminal penalties. 46:37 - <A HREF="">SF1080</A> (Samuelson) A bill for an act relating to veterans homes; updating and correcting certain language. 53:00 - <A HREF="">HF1800</A> (Erickson) A bill for an act relating to natural resources; requiring a report of tribal agreement-related costs. 2:18:36 - <A HREF="">HF2000</A> (Tingelstad) A bill for an act relating to the environment; clarifying analysis of water table level for purposes of individual sewage treatment design. 2:24:47 - <A HREF="">SF2472</A> (Hackbarth) A bill for an act relating to natural resources; providing for certain rulemaking exemptions; granting authorities to the Commissioner of Natural Resources; authorizing fees; modifying civil penalties. 2:30:36 - <A HREF="">HF2986</A> (Dill) A bill for an act relating to natural resources; granting certain temporary exemptions for an iron nugget production scale demonstration facility. 3:12:02 - <A HREF="">HF2034</A> (Haas) A bill for an act relating to state employment; ratifying certain labor agreements and compensation plans. The bill was continued on the Calendar. 3:24:25 - <A HREF="">SF2455</A> (Howes) A bill for an act relating to public safety; removing sunset date on propane education and research council established under federal law. 3:28:46 - <A HREF="">SF806</A> (Smith) A bill for an act relating to retirement; various retirement plans; modifying the responsibilities to provide actuarial valuations and proposed legislative cost estimates; reducing an appropriation. 3:31:57 - <A HREF="">SF2274</A> (Buesgens) A bill for an act relating to zoning; providing certain limitations on municipal interim ordinances. 4:19:47 - <A HREF="">SF2177</A> (Abrams) A bill for an act relating to metropolitan government; clarifying the authority of municipalities' subdivision regulations; modifying the method for determining each municipality's affordable and life-cycle housing opportunities amount; modifying the basis on which nonparticipating municipalities may elect to participate; making conforming changes. 4:31:44 - <A HREF="">HF2247</A> (Kuisle) A bill for an act relating to transportation; requiring the Commissioner of Transportation to evaluate principal arterial alignments surrounding the metropolitan area as part of evaluation of a second beltway; requiring future use of highway centerline rumble strips; allowing state agency mail-related functions to be carried out by an outside agency; limiting weight restrictions for recycling and garbage vehicles under certain circumstances; requiring evaluation of the Saint Cloud transportation plan; requiring a bus driver duty of care; making changes to transportation policy provisions; providing for premium paratransit project; regulating toll facilities; modifying interstate vehicle registration provisions; modifying bond requirements for vehicle dealers; modifying vehicle certificate of title provisions pertaining to dealers and authorizing a fee for deputy registrars; regulating day activity center buses; modifying gross vehicle weight provisions; extending duration of driver instruction permits to two years; modifying requirements for commercial vehicle drivers; modifying driver's license fee provisions; requiring plan for county ten-ton highway system; modifying provisions relating to public safety radio communications operators; requiring preparation of 20-year state aviation plan; including the Division of Driver and Vehicle Services in the definition of appropriate agency for purposes of certain property forfeitures; authorizing rulemaking; requiring a report; modifying highway rest area and land management provisions. 6:13:54 - <A HREF="">HF2087</A> (Borrell) A bill for an act relating to data practices; providing for the classification and dissemination of various data; making clarifying, conforming, and technical changes. The CALENDAR FOR THE DAY was continued. Runs 8 hours, 16 minutes.