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House Civil Justice Committee

Monday, March 8, 2010 - 4:49 PM

11:22 - Gavel, and consideration of HF2610 (Mullery) Property forfeiture provisions changed, and sale of forfeited property by law enforcement officers, employees, and family members. 14:35 - HF3187 (Bigham) Civil commitment oath or affirmation provided without notarization and the acceptability of electronic signatures and documents. 17:15 - HF1217 (Gardner) Legend and nonprescription drug possession allowed by those disposing of them, definitions modified, and health care facilities prohibited to flush drugs into sewer system. 18:55 - HF3239 (Abeler) Licensing provisions changed, and background study requirements, disqualifications, and data classification modified. 22:22 - HF2613 (Hilstrom) Mediation provided prior to commencement of mortgage foreclosure proceedings on homestead property, and homestead-lender mediation account created. 28:12 - HF3048 (Norton) Construction codes and licensing provisions modified, certain notice provisions modified, and criminal penalties imposed. 31:38 - HF2902 (Atkins) Motor vehicle sales and distribution regulated. 42:10 - HF3088 (Hayden) Children and family service technical and policy provisions changed, Minnesota family investment program and adult supports provisions changed, and child welfare provisions changed. 45:00 - HF3039 (Hayden) Driver's license requirements modified for foster children, in-court reviews required, and definition of parent expanded for child protection proceedings. 57:25 - HF3299 (Hayden) Child support enforcement provisions updated on access to information, and actions by a public authority. 1:13:37 - HF2824 (Hayden) Hearing request time modified on an order to secure a building, notice of sale requirements modified, certificate of sale and specified information provided to political subdivisions, and political subdivisions authorized to recover attorney fee costs for obtaining a five-week redemption period. 1:22:58 - HF3279 (Huntley) Electronic health record technology provisions amended, administrative penalties provided, and money appropriated. 2:09:27 - HF3469 (Mullery) Time limit provided for appealing decisions of a governing body or board of adjustment to district court, and public participation in government actions clarified. 2:14:01 - HF2600 (Mullery) Licensing and regulation provided for an individual engaged in the business of a mortgage loan originator or the mortgage loan business. 2:20:06 - HF2668 (Mullery) Expungement procedures modified in eviction cases, residential covenants added, procedures modified for handling applicant screening fees, and rights provided to tenants of foreclosed properties. 2:30:30 - HF3098 (Loeffler) Statewide trauma system provisions modified. Runs 2 hours, 45 minutes.