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House floor session - part 2

Monday, May 6, 2013 - 2:15 PM

01:35 - Gavel. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 01:45 - Concur to Senate amendments to HF194 (Atkins) Money transmitter sender notification required when someone tries to receive wired funds at a location other than the location specified by the sender. 06:20 - Concur to Senate amendments to HF588 (Atkins) Hospital staffing report required, and study on nurse staffing levels and patient outcomes required. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 14:07 - HF826 (Davnie) Safe and supportive schools provided for, and rulemaking authorized. 4:22:45 - HF215 (Ward, J.A.) Physical agent modalities, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound device use orders by licensed health care professionals permitted. 4:26:40 - HF1451 (Winkler) I-35W bridge remnant steel disposition provided for. 4:29:00 - HF461 (Benson, J.) Mechanical control of cattail general permit required. 4:37:20 - HF161 (Cornish) Homicide victim specified personal property protection inventory and emergency order authorized to preserve rights of decedent's heirs and beneficiaries; notice of rights and procedures added to crime victims' chapter. Runs 4 hours, 36 minutes.