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House floor session - part 2

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 12:51 PM

23:22 - Gavel. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 23:28 - Concur to Senate amendments to HF826 (Davnie) Safe and supportive schools provided, and rulemaking authorized. 10:27:49 - Third Reading of HF826 (Davnie) Safe and supportive schools provided, and rulemaking authorized. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 11:53:22 - HF3017 (Paymar) Public Safety Department; outdated and redundant statutes amended and repealed, and grants provided for support services to victims of sexual assault and victims of crime, and report required on collection of data on victims of domestic abuse. 11:56:54 - HF2953 (Johnson, S.) Correctional services delivery; contiguous counties qualification requirement eliminated. 11:59:20 - HF2746 (Poppe) Agriculture Department-administered obsolete, redundant, and unnecessary laws removed. 12:01:17 - HF2840 (Fritz) District One Hospital authorized to sell real and personal property, and hospital district dissolution provided. 12:03:20 - SF2569 (Isaacson) Housing Finance agency (HFA) obsolete, redundant, and unnecessary laws repeal and conforming changes. 12:06:47 - HF2576 (Melin) Criminal record expungement governing provisions modified, business screening services required to delete expunged records, eviction record expungement allowed in some cases, and money appropriated. 12:46:35 - HF2733 (Dill) All-terrain vehicle and off-highway motorcycle provisions modified, regulatory efficiencies provided, invasive species provisions modified, snowmobile definition modified, off-road recreational vehicle odometer tampering prohibited, forest trail use modified, outdoor recreation system provisions modified, and Water Law modified. Runs 12 hours, 49 minutes.