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House Floor Session - part 2

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 1:06 PM

Report from the Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration: End of Session Resolutions:. - Resolution 2018-R20 Journal Resolution. - Resolution 2018-R21A Resolution on Parking. - Resolution 2018-R19 Resolution on Facilities. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 14:16 - SF3326 (Scott) Revisor's bill. 15:54 - HF4437 (Torkelson) State general sales tax revenue related to motor vehicle repair and replacement parts allocated exclusively to fund roads, conforming and technical changes made, and constitutional amendment proposed. 1:56:59 - SF3168 (Johnson, C.) Lease provisions modified, public land sale requirements modified, state park and forest additions and deletions provided, mixed uses authorized, and state land sales and conveyances of interest provided. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE:. 2:04:20 - Motion to concur to the Senate amendments to HF3759 (Fabian) Pipeline construction and routing authorized. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS. 2:16:59 - Adopt Conference Committee Report on HF3265 (Kresha/Relp) Child foster care training requirements modified, and foster care sibling bill of rights established. REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES AND DIVISIONS:. 2:20:23 - Confirmations to the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board:. - Margaret Leppik. - Robert Moilanen. - Gary Haugen. - Daniel Rosen. - Stephen Swanson. Runs 2 hours, 31 minutes.