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House Rules and Legislative Administration Committee - part 2 (Remote Hearing)

Monday, May 4, 2020 - 1:50 PM

• This meeting held in accordance with House Rule 10.01 •. 00:29 - Waiver of Joint Rule 2.03:. - HF3657 (Hansen) Natural resources; various provisions modified relating to certifiable fish diseases; local regulation in Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area; wild rice lease exchange requirements; school trust land reporting requirements; snowmobile transporting; insecticide use; invasive species permits; regulation of possessing, propagating, and selling snakes, lizards, and salamanders; game and fish licenses after convictions; hunting and fishing provisions; and Lake Superior Management Plan. - HF4554 (Hansen) Environment and natural resources funding provided, soil and water conservation fund created, state park permit provisions modified, conveying state land interests provisions modified, closed landfill investment fund provisions modified, Water Supply Systems and Wastewater Treatment Facilities Advisory Council reestablished, riparian protection aid modified, and money appropriated. - HF3376 (Wazlawik) Trichloroethylene use prohibited. - HF627 (Pinto) Eyewitness identification best practice policies required. - HF4582 (Halverson) Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) onetime supplemental payment funding provided, and money appropriated. - HF4285 (Poppe) Agriculture; various provisions modified relating to seed law, noxious weed law, loans, pet food, meat processing, eggs, and others. - HF4601 (Koegel) Human services commissioner required to award opiate epidemic response account grants. - HF3341 (Huot) Appraisal management company licensure modified. 01:37 - Waiver of Joint Rule 2.03:. - HF4571 (Lesch) Vehicles and other property subject to forfeiture limited, recovery of property by innocent owners provided, participation in the federal equitable sharing program modified, and reports required. - HF3568 (Considine) Mental illness decriminalization planning group provided, and report required. 02:20 - Waiver of Joint Rule 2.03:. - HF3563 (Moran) Child support; nonjoint children deduction provisions modified, basic support guidelines modified, and self-support reserve calculation modified. 03:16 - Waiver of Joint Rule 2.03:. - HF4576 (Bahner) Reemploying retired members of PERA and MSRS requirements amended, and requirements amended relating to members who continue employment under postretirement option under PERA or MSRS. Runs 5 minutes. • The Minnesota House of Representatives is currently working on establishing the processes and technology that allow remote hearings to be held that are accessible to the public; we expect many refinements to come over the coming weeks; thank you for your patience as we adapt.