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House Commerce Finance and Policy Committee

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - 1:00 PM

* The bills on the agenda were heard on an informational only basis - no formal action was taken. * Inclusion in this informational hearing does not necessarily indicate a bill's advancement during the regular session. 02:38 - Introductory comments by the Chair. 06:42 - HFXXXX/SF2096 (Koegel) For-sale items at exclusive liquor stores. 12:01 - HF1640 (Hornstein) Farm winery license issuance to sake producer authorized. 17:49 - HF122 (Hertaus) Liquor; city population requirement to qualify for exemption from temporary license restrictions modified. 21:08 - HF902 (Becker-Finn) License restrictions modified. 31:00 - HF2619 (Bliss) Commerce; variance request licensee regulatory requirements modified. 36:57 - HFXXXX (draft CK066) (Baker) Authorizing licenses for on-sale at the Willmar Civic Center. 40:05 - HF374 (O'Driscoll) Sauk Rapids; on-sale liquor licenses authorized. 42:41 - HFXXXX (draft CK087) (Agbaje) Modifying the annual production limit for microdistillery on-and off-sale to exclude spirits bottled under a third-party contract. 48:33 - HFXXXX (draft CK073) (Davnie) Allowing producers to provide liquor to nonprofit organizations for tasting events. 53:13 - HFXXXX (draft CK063) (Nash) Allowing strong beer licenses for certain town ball game events. 58:38 - HFXXXX (draft CK064) (Nash) Allowing certain 3.2 percent malt liquor license to authorize the sale of malt liquor not exceeding 4.5 percent alcohol by volume. 1:06:13 - HF2132 (Berg) On-sale liquor license holder outdoor consumption authorized. 1:12:58 - HFXXXX (draft CK082) (Wolgamott) Eliminating the prohibition on growler sales by certain brewers. 1:27:14 - HFXXXX (draft CK057) (Koznick) Allowing growlers to be sold in 32oz bottles. 1:32:42 - HF1963 (Kresha) Wine transfer allowed between commonly owned liquor stores. 1:42:10 - HF2256 (Erickson) On-sale intoxicating liquor licenses authorized for event centers located on a farm. 1:46:34 - HFXXXX (draft CK072) (Kotyza-Witthuhn) Regulating direct shippers of wine; imposing sales and use taxes, liquor gross receipts taxes, and excise taxes on direct shipments of wine; providing for licensing and required reports; providing for classification of data. 1:54:35 - HF27 (Jurgens) Sunday liquor sales hours modified. 1:57:02 - HFXXXX (draft CK085) (Jordan) Allowing distilleries of any size to operate a cocktail room. 2:06:52 - HFXXXX/SF2525 (Becker-Finn) Microdistillery definition modification. 2:17:00 - HF1214 (Daudt) Coupons permitted as payment for liquor purchase. 2:20:04 - HF1215 (Daudt) Exclusive liquor store permitted sale items modified. 2:24:03 - HF1216 (Daudt) Municipality issuance of off-sale liquor license to any one person or place prohibition repealed. 2:28:34 - HF1597 (Daudt) Wine and beer sale by food retailers authorized. 2:53:36 - HF1192 (Olson, L.) Liquor taxation provisions modified; microdistillery off-sale limit modified; malt liquor packaging and off-sale requirements modified; brand registration requirements modified; bar and restaurant off-sale limitation authorized; and clarifying, conforming, and technical changes made. Runs 3 hours, 45 minutes.