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House Agriculture Finance and Policy Committee – part 2

Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 6:02 PM

HF2562 (Sencer-Mura) Commissioner of agriculture funding provided for grants to partner organizations to assist meat and poultry processors with hiring and training new employees, and money appropriated. 17:02 - HF2278 (Vang) Board of Animal Health funding provided, and money appropriated. 22:41 - HF1361 (Vang) Community development financial institutions technical assistance grant funding provided, and money appropriated. 38:02 - HF2679 (Vang) Department of Agriculture, Board of Animal Health, Agricultural Utilization Research Institute, and Office of Broadband Development budgets established; money transferred to border-to-border broadband fund account; policy and technical changes made to agriculture provisions; fees modified; accounts created; reports required; civil penalties provided; and money appropriated. 58:24 - HF1585 (Vang) Nonnative Phragmites added to noxious weeds provisions. 1:00:21 - HF2472 (Hansen) New program for systemic pesticide-treated seed established, new account in agricultural fund established, and money appropriated. Runs 2 hours, 2 minutes.