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Authors and Status

H.R. No. 2, as introduced: 87th Legislative Session (2011-2012) Posted on January 10, 2011

1.1A house resolution
1.2setting the maximum limit on general fund expenditures for the biennium ending
1.3June 30, 2013.
1.4BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota that the sum
1.5of $30,300,000,000 is the maximum limit on net expenditures from the general fund for fiscal
1.6years 2012 and 2013.
1.7BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the budget reserve is set at $653,000,000 and the cash
1.8flow account is set at $350,000,000.
1.9BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following general fund net expenditure limits for
1.10fiscal years 2012 and 2013 are set for the major finance bills:
1.11(1) $11,438,157,000 for an education finance bill;
1.12(2) $2,814,217,000 for a higher education finance bill;
1.13(3) $8,669,427,000 for a health and human services finance bill;
1.14(4) $312,078,000 for an environment, energy and natural resources finance bill;
1.15(5) $86,895,000 for an agriculture and rural development finance bill;
1.16(6) $167,036,000 for a transportation finance bill;
1.17(7) $734,849,000 for a judiciary finance bill;
1.18(8) $1,085,276,000 for a public safety and crime prevention finance bill;
1.19(9) $195,430,000 for a jobs and economic development finance bill;
2.1(10) $882,763,000 for a state government finance bill (including veterans programs);
2.2(11) $3,018,425,000 for a tax bill; and
2.3(12) $855,065,000 for a capital investment bill for debt service and general fund
2.5These limits are based on expenditures projected in the general fund forecast issued
2.6December 2, 2010, and any subsequent corrections.