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Rent control changes vetoed (vetoed bill)

Published (5/29/2009)
By Nick Busse
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Legislation intended to help cities enforce rent-control provisions in subsidized housing agreements was vetoed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Sponsored by Rep. Carlos Mariani (DFL-St. Paul) and Sen. John Marty (DFL-Roseville), the bill would have clarified that cities have the right to enforce contracts with property owners who agree not to raise rents in exchange for accepting public subsidies. Under the bill, cities could take action against property owners who violate their contracts.

In his veto message, Pawlenty expressed concern about the language of the bill, which states that a city has the right to “manage or control property to which it is providing public assistance and for a period of time consistent with the term of the public assistance.” The governor’s letter stated that the bill language could be interpreted as providing broad powers for cities to manage or control properties without providing notice in the agreements.

In addition, Pawlenty’s message stated that the bill is unnecessary because parties to agreements could insert provisions that address the issue into the agreements themselves.


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