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Domestic abuse changes now law

Published (5/13/2010)
By Mike Cook
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A new law contains a number of provisions to help domestic abuse victims.

Sponsored by Rep. Debra Hilstrom (DFL-Brooklyn Center) and Sen. Mee Moua (DFL-St. Paul), the law includes expanding the area for protection for a reasonable distance around a residence or dwelling of a person seeking an ex parte order for protection. It comes from HF2608/ SF2437, sponsored by Hilstrom and Moua.

Signed May 10 by Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the law takes effect Aug. 1, 2010.

Other bills contained in the law include:

HF1396/ SF838, sponsored by Rep. Michael Paymar (DFL-St. Paul) and Sen. Sandy Pappas (DFL-St. Paul), which allows animals and companion animals to be included in protective orders;

HF3089/ SF2715, sponsored by Paymar and Moua, which increases the maximum bail for non-felony domestic abuse offenses at 10 times the highest cash fine, expands the tampering with a witness crime and clarifies the requirement that the criminal justice data communications network includes OFP’s and no-contact orders;

HF3090/ SF2714, sponsored by Hilstrom and Sen. Linda Scheid (DFL-Brooklyn Park), which clarifies the crime of stalking by explicitly labeling the applicable statute “stalking,” refining the stalking definition and expanding the list of conduct that constitutes stalking;

HF3361/ SF2997, sponsored by Rep. Mary Liz Holberg (R-Lakeville) and Sen. Mary Olson (DFL-Bemidji), which exempts certain domestic abuse or sexual attack programs from data practice requirements;

HF3383/ SF3108, also sponsored by Holberg and Olson, which establishes data classification of private for vehicle information for OFP’s and no-contact orders; and

HF2864/ SF2636, sponsored by Rep. Paul Gardner (DFL-Shoreview) and Sen. Chuck Wiger (DFL-Maplewood), which would permit a judicial district to conduct a pilot project to allow courts in the district to order, as a condition of release in domestic abuse cases, electronic monitoring of an offender to protect a victim’s safety. This provision expires Jan. 15, 2014.

HF2608/ SF2437*/CH299

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