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Friday, February 28, 2020

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Friday, February 28, 2020
Friday, February 28, 2020 , 8:15 AM

Subcommittee on Elections

Time Changed Location Changed
Chair: Rep. Raymond Dehn
Location: Remote Hearing
HF3499 (Nelson) Help America Vote Act appropriation purpose transferred, and money appropriated.

TESTIFYING: Testimony will be limited. Please plan accordingly. If you would like to testify, please inform the committee administrator.

HANDOUTS: Handouts must be in PDF format and emailed by 3 p.m. the day before the meeting to the committee administrator. If you are bringing hard copies, please bring 40 copies and email the handout.

*Bills may be added or removed from the agenda.
Bills Added

Friday, February 28, 2020 , 9:00 AM


Hearing Canceled
Chair: Rep. Laurie Halverson
Location: Remote Hearing
Friday, February 28, 2020 , 9:00 AM

Education Policy

Chair: Rep. Cheryl Youakim
Location: Remote Hearing
HF2243* (Mariani) - Pupil Fair Dismissal Act amended, nonexclusionary disciplinary policies and practices required, and money appropriated. (INFORMATIONAL ONLY)

HF1761* (Hassan) - Pupil nonexclusionary disciplinary policies and practices provided, and report required. (INFORMATIONAL ONLY)

HF3396** (Her) - Student discipline and nonexclusionary disciplinary policies and practices modified.

HF55 (Jurgens) – School meal provisions modified.

HF1901 (Carlson, A.) - Student death school board policy required.

HF575*** (Huot) - Unclaimed drugs or medications in schools disposal provided.

HF244*** (Claflin) - School districts required to conduct radon testing.

HF 3123 (Christensen) - Student athlete concussion and sudden cardiac arrest information and training required.

HF250 (Jordan) - Sexual assault; affirmative consent instruction in schools required, and money appropriated.

HF1422 (Baker) - Seizure training required in schools.

More agenda items may be added.


*HF 2243 and HF1761 will be heard on an informational basis only; no official action or outside testimony will be taken.

**Testimony for HF3396 will be limited to 30 minutes total for those in support and 30 minutes for those with concerns.

***No public testimony will be taken on HF575 and HF244 as the bills received hearings in the Education Policy Committee in 2019 and were included in HF1711, the Committee’s 2019 policy bill.

If you wish to testify on any of these bills, please contact Committee Administrator Alyssa Fritz ( by 12:00pm on Thursday, February 27.

Testifiers should reference the bill for which they wish to testify and if they will be testifying for or against the legislation. Testimony may be limited due to time constraints at the discretion of the Chair, so please prepare remarks of 1 to 2 minutes.

Materials must be submitted by 9 AM on Thursday, February 27 in order to be included in committee member folders. Materials can be submitted electronically to Alyssa Fritz ( or by dropping off 75 hard copies at Megan Arriola’s desk outside of Room 591.

Bills Added

Friday, February 28, 2020 , 9:00 AM

Health and Human Services Policy

Chair: Rep. Rena Moran
Location: Remote Hearing
**Bills may be added. Bills may be taken up in any order based on authors’ availability.**

NOTE: For the purpose of making a corrective referral, the following bill will be moved to the Early Childhood Finance and Policy Division without recommendation:
HF3678 (Bahner) Income and asset exclusion expiration date extended for public assistance program eligibility as part of the income and child development in the first three year of life demonstration project.

**NOTE: Public testimony was received for HF3032 at the committee hearing on Wednesday, February 26. The February 28 hearing for this bill will be limited to member discussion.**

HF3838 (Olson) Board of Pharmacy application and renewal fees for medical gas dispensers reduced, Opiate Epidemic Response Advisory Council term lengths and appointment procedures modified, opiate epidemic response account technical changes made, opiate or narcotic pain reliever refill timelines eliminated, and money appropriated.
HF2772 (Olson) Home and community-based services employee scholarship program expanded to also repay qualified educational loans of employees.
HF3322 (Kunesh-Podein) Medical assistance requirement for persons needing breast or cervical cancer treatment modified.
HF2971 (Cantrell) Vocational services for individuals with disabilities provided, and reports required.
HF1732 (Kresha) Child maltreatment and neglect sections reorganized and clarified, and technical changes made.
HF2044 (Klevorn) Birth and death record access changed.
HF3445 (Morrison) Psychiatric residential treatment facility services determination and documentation requirement to involve state medical review agent eliminated, per diem rate per youth psychiatric residential treatment services provider establishment required, and facilities or licensed professionals permitted to submit billing for arranged services.
HF2179 (Huot) Casket and urn sale license exception clarified.
HF771 (Moran) Cultural and ethnic communities leadership council governing provisions modified.
HF3276 (Moran) Child out-of-home placement cost of care, examination, and treatment governing provisions modified.
HF3032 (Halverson) Tobacco; flavored product sale or furnishing prohibited, selling or furnishing administrative penalties modified, persons under age 21 who sell or distribute flavored products alternative civil penalties provided, and criminal penalties provided.

Bills Added

Friday, February 28, 2020 , 10:00 AM

Legislative Audit Commission

Chair: Representative Rick Hansen
Location: G-23 State Capitol

OLA will present the report Department of Human Rights:  Complaint Resolution Process

Judy Randall, Office of the Legislative Auditor, Deputy Legislative Auditor

Caitlin Badger, Office of the Legislative Auditor, Manager

Rebecca Lucero, Minnesota Department of Human Rights, Commissioner