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Monday, March 10, 2008

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Monday, March 10, 2008
Monday, March 10, 2008 , 8:30 AM


Chair: Rep. Lyndon Carlson
Location: 200 State Office Building
HF2904 (Pelowski) Natural disaster assistance procedures established for state agencies.
HF3346 (Davnie) Mortgage foreclosure assistance provided, and maximum amount of financial assistance increased.
SF1436 (Hilstrom) State auditor provisions modifications
HF3167 (Johnson) Senior nutrition funding clarification provided.
HF3143 (Winkler) Individual income and corporate franchise credit allowed for investment in Minnesota high technology businesses, and appropriation reduced.
HF2805 (Mahoney) Restricted plumber licenses effective dates modified.
HF2972 (Mahoney) Minnesota Technology, Inc. renamed Enterprise Minnesota, Inc., and related provisions updated.
HF3349 (Rukavina) Surplus appropriation sunset provision removed.
HF2779 (Paulsen) Lifelong learning account program established, tax credits to employees and employers for contributions to lifelong learning accounts allowed, and money appropriated.
HF3090 (Morrow) Department of Transportation position provisions modified.

Presentation of governor's supplemental budget (10 a.m.)

HF3126 (Ruth) has been removed

Monday, March 10, 2008 , 9:00 AM

Labor and Consumer Protection Division

Chair: Rep. Jim Davnie
Location: 500N State Office Building
HF3755 (Gardner) Plastic sales that do not meet specifications prohibited, and penalties provided;
HF3224 (Gunther) Boiler operation licensing procedures changed, and rulemaking authorized;
HF3365 (Atkins) Professional firefighter arbitration procedures repealed concerning total package final offers;
HF1224 (Hornstein) Unions; public funds use prohibited for encouraging or discouraging union organizing, record keeping required, and enforcement and civil penalties provided;
HF0635 (Masin) Minnesota Wireless Telephone Consumer Protection Act adopted.

Monday, March 10, 2008 , 11:00 AM

Floor Session

Location: House Chamber

Monday, March 10, 2008 , 2:15 PM

Agriculture, Rural Economies and Veterans Affairs

Chair: Rep. Mary Ellen Otremba
Location: Basement Hearing Room
HF3584 (Koenen) Animal chiropractic care requirements established.
HF3507 (Otremba) Disaster area waiver of fees and expedited food handler plan review authorized, embargo and condemnation provisions changed, food sanitary and fee provisions changed, terms defined, and egg sales and handling regulated.
HF3552 (Juhnke) NextGen Energy Board member added, sunset date removed, and appropriation modified.
HF3789 (Gardner) Phosphorous content lawn fertilizer wholesaler retail signage required.

Monday, March 10, 2008 , 2:15 PM

Energy Finance and Policy Division

Chair: Rep. Bill Hilty
Location: 200 State Office Building
HF3401 (Hilty) Energy usage performance standards provided for development and application.
HF3729 (Hilty) Legislative Energy Commission established, and Legislative Electric Energy Task Force abolished.
HF3540 (Gardner) Solid waste recovery and recycling standards provided, greenhouse gas offset project eligibility established, exemptions provided, studies and ordinances required, goals set, charges regulated, task force established and money appropriated.
HF3857 (Sailer) Solar energy project conservation improvement expenditures allowed by utilities.

HF3843 (Brynaert) and HF3580 (Brown) have been removed from the agenda.

Monday, March 10, 2008 , 2:15 PM

Health and Human Services

Chair: Rep. Paul Thissen
Location: 10 State Office Building
HF3333 (Murphy, E.) establishing a standard of protection for the risk of cancer and requiring modification of rules
HF3721 (Dittrich) requiring certain health insurers to offer small employers the option to purchase certain flexible benefits plans
HF3708 (Murphy, E) Health profession licensing requirements changed
HF3648 (Hosch) Department of Health nursing home moratorium execption
HF3649 (Hosch) Department of Health office of health care consumer assistance
HF3651 (Fritz) Department of Health nursing home license suspension or revocation
HF3652 (Fritz) Department of Health case mix reimbursement

Monday, March 10, 2008 , 2:15 PM


Hearing Canceled
Chair: Rep. Ann Lenczewski
Location: 10 State Office Building
Feb. 2008 legislative auditor's report on the JOBZ Program.

Monday, March 10, 2008 , 3:45 PM

Local Government and Metropolitan Affairs

Chair: Rep. Deb Hilstrom
Location: Basement State Office Building
HF3295 (Solberg) Conflict of interest rules clarified for local economic development authorities.
HF3454 (Jaros) Duluth; Spirit Mountain Recreation Area Authority land boundaries corrected.
HF3456 (Tschumper) Local government interstate assistance authorized for emergency services.
HF3577 (Tschumper) Houston County; Process provided to make certain county offices appointive.
HF2988 (Brod) Towns authorized to refund surplus revenues upon removal of a subordinate service district.
HF3831 (Magnus) Rock County; Appointive office process provided.
HF3428 (Gunther) Modifying right of tenant to pay utility bills
HF3574 (Juhnke) State Building Code application and enforcement regulated.
HF1254 (Hosch) Interim zoning ordinance notice and public hearings required.
HF3313 (Erickson) Public hearing interim use ordinances authorized.
HF2536 (Lanning) Basin boards established and money appropriated.

Chair: Rep. Mary Murphy
Location: 5 State Office Building
Partnership to the Future: P-16 Presentation
P-16 Partnership accomplishments since 2007 and review of 2008 initiatives.
HF2625 (Slocum) P-16 statewide education partnerships required to include legislators. (informational only)
HF2783 (Swails) P-20 education partnership established.
HF3816 (Mariani) Education agencies allowed to share educational data in order to improve school instruction. (informational only)
HF2624 (Urdahl) Teacher quality improvement task force established for effectively integrating secondary and postsecondary academic and career education.

Monday, March 10, 2008 , 4:00 PM

Game, Fish and Forestry Division

Agenda Changed
Chair: Rep. David Dill
Location: 10 State Office Building
HF3841 (Hosch) Fishing contest permit requirements modified
HF2201 (Olin) Lifetime deer hunting licenses granted to residents who have been a volunteer firearms safety instructor for at least 25 years
HF3678 (Juhnke) Dark house fish spearing allowed for nonresidents
HF3709 (Koenen) Chippewa County; Conveyance authorized for surplus state land bordering public water
HF3788 (Fritz) Rice County surplus state land conveyance authorized
HF3687 (Simon) Cass County; Private sale of certain surplus state land bordering public water required
HF3897 (Dill) St. Louis County; Conveyance and compensation required for Crane Lake public access land
HF3898 (Dill) Timber sales provisions modified and refund provided
Discussion on the DNR's Leech Lake report and deer hunting regulations simplification effort

Location Changed Agenda Changed
Chair: Rep. Tom Rukavina
Location: 5 State Office Building
HF2629 (Rukavina) requiring use of certain funds for direct unemployed worker assistance
HF3602 (Dill) amending business subsidy provisions
HF3722 (Rukavina) providing for extended unemployment benefits under certain circumstances
HF3684 (Slocum) appropriating money for the Hennepin-Carver Workforce Investment Board
HF3628 (Eastlund) requiring a common course numbering system for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
HF2892 (Sailer) modifying programs of Minnesota Job Skills Partnership; appropriating money
HF3782 (Mahoney) establishing an Office of Science and Technology in the Department of Employment and Economic Development
HF43 (Buesgens) providing stable undergraduate tuition rates

Agenda Changed
Chair: Rep. Steve Simon
Location: 300N State Office Building
HF3301 (Kalin) Transportation construction project disclosure and proposal provision requirements changed, Technical Review Committee compensation required, and design-build request provisions modified.
HF3161 (Bigham) Minnesota deceased military personnel current listing provided
HF3302 (Atkins) Providing for the protection of written materials prepared for a closed meeting
HF3553 (Simon) Relating to data practices; making technical changes;
HF3554 (Simon) Regulating use of driver's license numbers and application information;
HF3555 (Simon) Classifying law enforcement agency hold data as private;
HF3556 (Simon) Holding department harmless for negligent dissemination of vehicle or driver data;
HF3701 (Simon) Classifying background check data on individuals as private;
HF3787 (Simon) Civil investigative and licensing data governing provisions modified.
HF3816 (Mariani) Education agencies allowed to share educational data in order to improve school instruction;
HFXXXX (Hilstrom) Metropolitan Airport Commission parking user data classified as private
HFXXXX (Simon) Authorizing the electronic exchange of certain medical data