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Friday, March 15, 2019

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Friday, March 15, 2019
Friday, March 15, 2019 , 9:00 AM
Time Note: Commerce Committee has adjourned for the day. Please note that the Committee will meet at 9:00 a.m., not 8:00 a.m. as originally posted. Also, please note that the location is Room 10, not the Basement Hearing Room.


Chair: Rep. Laurie Halverson
Location: Remote Hearing

Bills may be taken in any order.

HF 2154 (Lien) Gambling Control Board regulatory provisions modified; and clarifying, conforming, and technical changes made.

HF 2051 (Elkins) Insurance; conforming changes to model regulations made.

HF 1571 (Howard) Manufactured home parks closure or modification procedures modified. (pending re-referral)

HF 1960 (Richardson) Department of Commerce provisions technical changes made.

***Bill removed: HF 2234 (Richardson) Motor vehicle post-accident insurance-funded repair governed.

If you would like to provide handouts, testify in person, or provide written testimony, please email BOTH the committee legislative assistant: AND the committee administrator:

Please note that public testimony will be limited to no more than TWO MINUTES each.
Written testimony and handouts can be included in member packets if 100 copies are delivered to 503 State Office Building by NOON on Thursday, 3/14/19.


Friday, March 15, 2019 , 9:00 AM

Government Operations

Chair: Rep. Mike Freiberg
Location: Remote Hearing
HF2171 (Davnie)
Commissioner of health directed to convene working groups to examine health disparities and educational achievement links for American Indian children and children of color, report required, and money appropriated.

HF2018 (Tabke)
Pari-mutuel Racing Commission licensing, reporting, and other regulatory provisions modified.

HF2398 (Hornstein)
Airport zoning provisions modified.

HF2127 (Christensen)
Correctional facilities and jail body scanners defined and exempted from Health Department law, opiate antagonist administration by correctional facility employees authorized, Fugitive Apprehension Units authority to do general law enforcement clarified, Department of Corrections medical director authorized to make health care decisions for inmates lacking capacity and placed in an outside facility on conditional medical release, and Department of Corrections billing to counties for juvenile
HF3 (Liebling)
OneCare Buy-In through MNsure website established, outpatient prescription drug program established, dental administration governing provisions modified, health care governing provisions modified, and studies and reports required.
confinements amended.

*Bills may be added or removed from the agenda. Bills may be carried over from the previous meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: Testimony will be limited. Please plan accordingly. If you would like to testify, please contact Amanda Rudolph at

Bills Added

Friday, March 15, 2019 , 9:00 AM

Health and Human Services Policy

Chair: Rep. Rena Moran
Location: Remote Hearing

*BILL ADDED: HF1892 (Morrison)*

HF147 (Huot) - Community paramedic and medical response emergency medical technicians allowed to provide medicine services.
HF1875 (Wazlawik) - Center for Victims of Torture integrated care model pilot project established, report required, and money appropriated.
HF1340 (Lien) - Mental health benefits and other medical benefits parity required, mental health and substance use disorder defined, health plan transparency required, and commissioners of health and commerce accountability required.
HF2009 (Cantrell) - Health plan companies and commissioner of human services prohibited from requiring enrollees to follow metastatic cancer step therapy protocols.
HF1257 (Cantrell) - Prescription drug benefit transparency and disclosure required.
HF1523 (Cantrell) - Commissioner of human services directed to establish prescription drug purchasing program, and program authority and eligibility requirements specified.
HF1719 (Noor) - Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) and general assistance drug testing provisions modified.
HF2305 (Masin) - Continuing care provisions for older adults governed.
HF2397 (Pryor) - Children and family service policy provisions modified.
HF2379 (Brand) - Direct care and treatment policy provisions modified.
HF1535 (Morrison) - Enhanced asthma care services benefit for medical assistance established, and medical assistance coverage of asthma trigger reduction products provided.
HF1892 (Morrison) - Prenatal substance use reporting requirements modified.
HF486 (Schultz) - Hearing aid coverage required for individuals older than 18 years of age.
HF921 (Liebling) - Commissioner of human services required to contract with dental administrators to administer dental services to medical assistance and MinnesotaCare recipients.
HF1378 (Liebling) - Health maintenance organizations required to be nonprofit corporations.
HF572 (Schultz) - Net earnings of nonprofit health maintenance organizations requirements established.
HF533 (Schultz) - Nonprofit health care entity conversion transactions review and approval by attorney general required, all net earnings of a nonprofit health maintenance organization required to be used for nonprofit purposes, and moratorium on conversion transactions extended. **THIS BILL WILL RECEIVE AN INFORMATIONAL-ONLY HEARING
HF2371 (Albright) - Commissioner of human services required to modify substance use disorder county staff requirements.
HF1718 (Baker) - Pharmacy and prescription drugs provisions modifications

Bills Added

Friday, March 15, 2019 , 9:30 AM

Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Division

Chair: Rep. John Lesch
Location: Remote Hearing

HF 1246 (Morrison) Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act

HF 1661 (Vang) Industrial Hemp

HF 342 (Moran) Minnesota African American Family Preservation and Child Welfare Disproportionality Act established

HF 1955 (Moller)Predatory offender registration provisions amended...

HF 1065 (Lesch) Revisor's bill

HF 1957 (Richardson) Higher education data provisions modified.

**more bills may be added**
**please note: the order of the bills may change**

**Please note, we will be meeting in Capitol 120 from 9:30 5pm; if we require additional time after 5 pm, we will move back to our usual hearing room, 10**

Bills Added

Friday, March 15, 2019 , 10:00 AM

Legislative Salary Council

Chair: Deborah Olson
Location: G13/14 Transportation Building

1. Approve minutes of March 1, 2019 meeting 

2. 2020-2021 Budget forecast

   - Britta Reitan, State Budget Director, Minnesota Management and Budget

3. Testimony of former members

   - Former Representative Joe Hoppe (Chaska)
   - Former Representative Clark Johnson (North Mankato)
   - Former Senator Michelle Fischbach (Paynesville)

4. Review of data
   - Per diem payments and expenses
   - Member demographics
   - Other legislator increases
   - Summary data

5.  Council discussion

6.  Next steps

Notice: Pursuant to MS 13D.015, some members may be participating via phone.