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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , 8:00 AM

Jobs and Economic Development Finance Division

Chair: Rep. Tim Mahoney
Location: Remote Hearing
HF 2311 (Sundin) Workers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations adopted.
Bills Added

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , 10:30 AM

Floor Session

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , 10:45 AM

HHS Omnibus (HF2414) Conference Committee

Chair: Rep. Tina Liebling
Location: Remote Hearing
Updated Start Time: 10:45 AM

Health Coverage Article
Minnesota Department of Health Article
Direct Care and Treatment Article

House has the gavel. HHS side by sides are available online at
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , 10:45 AM

Rules and Legislative Administration

Chair: Rep. Ryan Winkler
Location: Remote Hearing
Rules and Legislative Administration
Chair: Rep. Ryan Winkler

Tuesday, May 07, 2019
10:45 AM to 11:00 AM
5 minutes after session goes into recess
Capitol 120

I. Call To Order

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes for May 3, 2019

IV. Calendar for the Day for May 9, 2019

V. Adjournment

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , 11:00 AM

HF 2125 Conference Committee

Chair: Senator Chamberlain and Representative Marquart
Location: Remote Hearing
Chair Chamberlain will have the gavel

House Conferees: Marquart, Loeffler, Gomez, Lislegard, Davids
Senate Conferees: Chamberlain, Howe, Dahms, Senjem, Rest

Chair: Rep. Carlos Mariani
Location: Remote Hearing
CHAIRS: Rep. Carlos Mariani and Sen. Warren Limmer

House: Mariani; Pinto; Moller; Lesch; Zerwas
Senate: Limmer; Johnson; Latz; Lang; Anderson, B.

-Brief public testimony will be taken
-Please provide any handouts to the Committee Administrator before 10am (
-Bills are listed in a suggested order, but may move due to availability
-Bills will be heard in their respective category


Safety and Security Investments
1. Department of Corrections - page 51
2. HF 2128 (Mariani) Indeterminate Sentence Release Board established, and report required. - page 64
3. HF 1020 (Zerwas) Amending Inmate Transfer Requirements – page 69

Probation Reform
4. HF 689 (Long) Cap on Probation Term for Certain Offenses – page 160
5. HF 997 (Long) Providing Guidance for Probation Sentences – page 1076
6. HF 1028 (O'Neill) Alternatives to Incarceration Grant Program in Greater MN – page 170
7. HF 1934 (Gomez) Dosage Probation Task Force Established – page 174
8. HF 474 (Stephenson) Establishing Pilot Project for Enhanced Community Supervision – page 173

Prison & Jail Reform
9. HF 1237 (Winkler) State and local jail and prison inmates required to be housed in publicly owned and operated jails and prisons, and state and counties prohibited form contracting with private prisons.– page 54
10. HF 493 (Zerwas) State correctional institution administrative and disciplinary segregation use guidelines established, and report required.– page 62
11. HF 741 (Noor) Limiting Cash Bail – page 168

Estimated Start Time: 2:30pm

Judiciary Funding
12. Minnesota Judicial Branch – page 239
13. Minnesota Board of Public Defense – page 241
14. Guardian Ad Litem Board – page 241
15. Civil Legal Services - page 240
16. HF 113 (Becker-Finn) Disposition of Fines and Fees for Ramsey Co. Dist. Court – page 246
17. HF 2743 (Lesch) Civil Action Court Fees and Court Cyber Security Fee – page 243

Juvenile Justice Reform
18. HF 897 (Dehn) Establishing Grants for Juvenile Detention Alternatives – page 24
19. HF 1678 (Edelson) Limiting the Use of Restraints on Juveniles – page 153
20. HF 1717 (Dehn) Amending Life Without Parole for Juveniles – page 158
21. HF 1604 (Edelson) Appropriating Funds for Children in Need of Protection or Services – page 11

Post-Conviction and Collateral Consequences Reform
22. HF 739 (Mariani) Extending Certain Postconviction Relief Petition Deadlines – page 154
23. HF 705 (Dehn) Authorizing Sealing of Criminal Records – page 170
24. HF 1057 (Lesch Expungement of Criminal Records Resulting from Mistaken Identity – page 164
25. HF 981 (Long) Collateral Consequences of Conviction – page 188
26. HF 591 (Edelson) Requiring a Presentence Family Impact Statement – page 158


Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , 2:00 PM

Education Omnibus (HF 2400) Conference Committee

Chair: Rep. Jim Davnie
Location: Remote Hearing
Walk-through of the HF2400 Summary Side-by-Side

HF 2400 (Davnie) Omnibus education finance bill

HOUSE - Davnie, Youakim, Sandstede, Pinto, Urdahl
SENATE: Nelson, Jasinski, Weber, Eichorn, Wiger

Note: Senate has the gavel

Additional agenda items may be added
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , 2:00 PM

Conference Committee on S.F. 2415

Chair: Sen. Paul Anderson
Location: Remote Hearing
Chairs: Sen. Paul T. Anderson and Rep. Connie Bernardy

SENATE - Anderson, P.; Clausen; Draheim; Jensen; Relph
HOUSE - Bernardy; Klevorn; Lien; Nornes; Pryor

Room 123 Capitol

*Senate Gavel*
1. Side by side walkthrough
2. Commissioner and Public Testimony
Chair: Rep. Michael V. Nelson
Location: Remote Hearing
SF 2227 - Omnibus State Government Finance Bill - Chair Nelson Has the Gavel

I. Public Testimony On House and Senate Bills

II. Begin discussion of bills; consideration of motions for Conference Committee Report

House Conferees: Nelson, M; Dehn; Ecklund; Freiberg; and Kiel
Senate Conferees: Kiffmeyer; Anderson, B; Mathews; Koran; and Carlson

Please Contact Jim Gelbmann (651-296-7427 or if you would like to be added to the list of individuals who will be testifying.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , 5:30 PM

Conference Committee on S.F. 2226

Location: Remote Hearing
S.F. 2226 (Westrom/Poppe) Omnibus agriculture department, rural development, and housing finance bill.

Walkthrough of Agriculture, Housing, and Broadband side by sides and spreadsheet.

The Senate holds the gavel.
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 , 6:15 PM
Time Note: The Conference Committee will reconvene at 6:15pm or at the call of the chair.

Environment and Natural Resources Omnibus Conference Committee (SF 2314)

Time Changed
Chair: Rep. Rick Hansen and Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen
Location: Remote Hearing
Side by side walk through and Commissioner testimony

House Conferees: Hansen, Persell, Fischer, Becker-Finn, Nelson
Senate Conferees: Ingebrigtsen, Ruud, Eichorn, Johnson, Tomassoni

Senator Ingebrigtsen will have the gavel.