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Rule 4.02, Joint Convention


4.02 At the Joint Convention of the Senate and House of Representatives called to elect regents, the joint committee shall report the name of the person or persons recommended for each seat. These persons are considered to be nominated. Any member of the legislature may submit additional nominations. If there is more than one at-large seat to be filled, all candidates nominated for an at-large seat are candidates for any of the at-large seats.
The roll shall be called viva voce on the election of regents. The roll must be called first on congressional district seats until they are filled, then on the student seat, and then on the at-large seats.
Each member may cast one vote for each seat to be filled, but no more than one vote for a candidate.
The candidate for each seat receiving a majority of the votes cast must be declared elected. If there is more than one at-large seat to be filled and more than one candidate who receives a majority of the votes cast, the candidates receiving the highest number of votes must be declared elected; in case of a tie for the highest number of votes, the votes must be cast again. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast for a seat, on each succeeding ballot the candidate with the fewest votes must be dropped from consideration and the votes cast again until a majority vote is achieved. Any candidate with fewer than 20 votes on any ballot shall also be dropped on succeeding ballots.