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Bill Summaries: 2023–2024

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 1As introducedProtect Reproductive Options Act 
HF 2Eighth EngrossmentPaid Family and Medical Leave Benefit Insurance ProgramAll versions
HF 3Third engrossmentElections and Campaign FinanceAll versions
HF 4Second EngrossmentDriver's license and identification card eligibilityAll versions
HF 5First EngrossmentSchool Breakfast and Lunch Free for All StudentsAll versions
HF 6Second EngrossmentProhibition of price gougingAll versions
HF 7Second EngrossmentRenewable Energy Standards 
HF 8As IntroducedSchool Support Personnel Funded through Ongoing Aid Program 
HF 9As amended by H0009DE1Minnesota dependent care credit expansion 
HF 10First engrossmentWorkforce requirements at petroleum refineriesAll versions
HF 11As amended by H0011DE1Rental assistance program for low-income householdsAll versions
HF 12As amended by H0012A1First-generation homebuyer down payment assistance programAll versions
HF 13Second engrossmentIncreasing child care assistance ratesAll versions
HF 14Second engrossmentFirearms background checksAll versions
HF 15Second engrossmentExtreme risk protection orders; firearmsAll versions
HF 16Second engrossmentConversion therapy prohibitionAll versions
HF 17Third EngrossmentExcessive Drug Price Increases; Prescription Drug Affordability BoardAll versions
HF 18As IntroducedSpecial Education Cross Subsidy Eliminated 
HF 19Fourth EngrossmentEarned sick and safe (ESS) timeAll versions
HF 20Second EngrossmentUnemployment Insurance for School WorkersAll versions
HF 21As IntroducedFull-Service Community Schools 
HF 22As IntroducedEnglish Learner Revenue for Schools 
HF 23Third EngrossmentSafe Workplaces for Meat and Poultry Processing Workers ActAll versions
HF 24Fourth engrossmentLead drinking water service linesAll versions
HF 25First engrossmentFunding and grants for crime and violence prevention programsAll versions
HF 26As introducedInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) trunk highway funding 
HF 27As amended by H0027DE3Iron ore mining industry additional unemployment benefitsAll versions
HF 28First engrossmentRestoration of Voting RightsAll versions
HF 30Second engrossmentCatalytic converter purchase requirements and penaltiesAll versions
HF 31First engrossmentIncome tax conformity 
HF 34First EngrossmentGovernment data practices: licensing dataAll versions
HF 35As introducedBudget forecast 
HF 36Fourth engrossmentWarehouse distribution worker safetyAll versions
HF 37First EngrossmentDefinition of Race; Minnesota Human Rights Act 
HF 40As IntroducedPortable Stands 
HF 41As introducedFusion Center report 
HF 42First engrossmentAmending the crimes related to labor traffickingAll versions
HF 431st engrossmentGross misdemeanor sentenceAll versions
HF 44First EngrossmentMenstrual Products in SchoolsAll versions
HF 45As introducedEstablishing a pre-plea assessment to determine if veterans are eligible for deferred prosecution 
HF 46As amended by H0046DE1Establishing an Office of Restorative Practices and providing for local initiatives 
HF 47First EngrossmentPollinatorsAll versions
HF 48As introducedJuneteenth 
HF 50Second EngrossmentState LandsAll versions
HF 51As amended by H0051A2-1Emmett Louis Till Victims Recovery ProgramAll versions
HF 52As introducedDesignated support person for pregnant patient 
HF 55Second engrossmentOffice of Missing and Murdered Black Women and GirlsAll versions
HF 56As IntroducedReal Estate; Updates to Recording and Title Provisions 
HF 58As introducedStudent discipline 
HF 59As amended by H059A1Charter School Admissions 
HF 62Third EngrossmentPublic Employment Relations BoardAll versions
HF 68As IntroducedEnvironment Related Council/Commission/Board Per Diems 
HF 70As IntroducedAgriculture and Food Processing Labor Standards 
HF 73As introducedCredit for parents of stillborn children 
HF 80As IntroducedNoxious Weeds 
HF 81First EngrossmentFish KillsAll versions
HF 90First engrossmentProviding supplemental funding for the Board of Public DefenseAll versions
HF 91Second EngrossmentRepeal of statutes and rules regulating abortionsAll versions
HF 92As introducedElevated blood lead level; Lead Poisoning Prevention Act 
HF 93As introducedProposed constitutional amendment to prohibit slavery or involuntary servitude as punishment for a crime 
HF 95As introducedState Canvassing Board; Declaration of Winner 
HF 96As introducedMinnesotaCare Public Option 
HF 100Eleventh engrossmentAdult-use cannabisAll versions
HF 102As introducedPlymouth; local lodging tax expiration date removed 
HF 103As IntroducedRural Finance Authority 
HF 105As IntroducedExtended Time Revenue: Education; Innovative CTE Programming 
HF 110As introducedVoter Preregistration 
HF 111As introducedAmending the crime of surreptitious intrusion 
HF 112As IntroducedAcademic Standards 
HF 117First engrossmentPolitical activity by foreign-influenced corporations 
HF 118As introducedService of complaints in forfeiture matters 
HF 120As introducedRotary International special plate 
HF 121First engrossmentCompetency attainment; technical changesAll versions
HF 122As introducedMeals on Wheels for veterans 
HF 124As IntroducedCook County; Local Taxes Modified 
HF 125As introducedRight to counsel; public housing eviction 
HF 127As IntroducedAgriculture 
HF 133As introducedGovernment data practices: education data 
HF 134As amended by H0134A2Special TIF Authorization for PlymouthAll versions
HF 135First engrossmentHennepin County funding for serving homeless personsAll versions
HF 141As introducedVolunteer ambulance attendant education costs 
HF 146First EngrossmentGender-Affirming Health Care; Subpoenas, Warrants, and Child CustodyAll versions
HF 147As introducedProviding alternatives to incarceration funding to Mower County 
HF 150Second engrossmentChild care stabilization grantsAll versions
HF 152As introducedNorth Metro Range; public safety facility refundable construction exemption 
HF 156As amended by H0156A3Utility metering in manufactured home parksAll versions
HF 159As IntroducedAdditional investment authority provided for qualifying local units of government 
HF 160As IntroducedService-Learning 
HF 165As introducedHigher education: paramedic scholarship program 
HF 170As IntroducedAmerican sign language/English interpreters employed by schools 
HF 172First EngrossmentEnvironment and Natural Resources Trust FundAll versions
HF 173As introducedEquality under the law; constitutional amendment 
HF 175As introducedTribal medical cannabis programs 
HF 177As amended by H0177A1Unearned income calculations for public assistance programsAll versions
HF 178As amended by H0178DE2Energy storage system exemptionAll versions
HF 179As IntroducedName Change After Dissolution of Marriage 
HF 180As IntroducedFund Transfer; Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 
HF 181First engrossmentMaking changes to Minnesota's laws on crimes motivated by biasAll versions
HF 193As IntroducedEmergency Medical Training 
HF 194As introducedState fire museum 
HF 195As introducedI-494 Transportation Management Organization funding 
HF 196As introducedNEMT and Ambulance Fuel Adjustment 
HF 197As introducedFederal Equal Rights Amendment 
HF 198As introducedOpen meeting participation conditions from nonpublic location amended 
HF 203As IntroducedMinnesota Association of Alternatives Programs Grant 
HF 204First engrossmentElectronic Roster SignaturesAll versions
HF 205First engrossmentSoliciting near a polling place 
HF 207First EngrossmentLawns to Legumes 
HF 209As introducedLawful gambling provisions modified 
HF 210As amended by H0210A1Long-acting reversible contraceptives 
HF 211As IntroducedHolidays 
HF 213First engrossmentFood shelf programAll versions
HF 226First engrossmentProsecutor-initiated resentencingAll versions
HF 227Second EngrossmentNotary Publics; Civil MarriagesAll versions
HF 229As introducedRequiring certain public agents to be notified of presence of level II predatory offenders 
HF 231As introducedTaxpayer Receipt 
HF 232As introducedExplore Minnesota Tourism funding 
HF 234First EngrossmentTurtlesAll versions
HF 235As introducedIndian employment preference 
HF 236First engrossmentMarket value exclusion for veterans with a disabilityAll versions
HF 238Second engrossmentChildren & Families Budget BillAll versions
HF 239As amended by H0239A1Hospice respite and end-of-life care 
HF 240As introducedConsumer-directed community supports (CDCS) and Community First Services and Supports (CFSS) 
HF 244As IntroducedUniform Electronic Wills Act 
HF 245First EngrossmentRough FishAll versions
HF 246As introducedElimination of rail project prohibitions 

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