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Stadium Task Force
Unofficial Minutes for Tuesday, January 15, 2002


Tuesday, January 15, 2002
1:04 p.m. the meeting convened.

A Quorum was present.

Chairman Haddeland called the meeting to order. He noted that this was the last Task Force meeting that Jim Lawrence, Dorothy Bridges and Larry Buegler would attend and on behalf of the Task Force, thanked them for their service to the state.

Commissioner Barkley and Representative Juhnke proposed to amend the Mankato proposal allowing for new lottery and tip board games. Commissioner Barkley amended the amendment to resemble other agreed upon financing options. The amended amendment was adopted.

Harvey Mackay proposed an amendment to tax car rentals at the metropolitan airport an additional 2%. The amendment was adopted.

Senator Kelley proposed an amendment dedicating the naming rights to construction costs.
The drafting committee was authorized to draft two options: giving the naming rights to the team or to cover construction costs.

Senator Larson proposed an amendment listing financing options by preference. The amendment was adopted and inserted under funding issues, after paragraph 1.

Senator Larson proposed an amendment regarding site selection. Un der Location of Facility, page 2, option B was deleted and option A was amended to read: "The recommendation of the Task Force is site neutral as to the location of the facilities. The Task Force anticipates that the state will identify parameters for state participation and the location of the facilities will be determined through a negotiated agreement between the tenant and landlord / local unit of government (s)." The amendment was adopted.

Chairman Haddeland proposed an amendment to allow shared appreciation rights. "Should any professional sports facilities financing include provisions that allow the state or other governmental underwriter to share in the appreciated value of the franchise created by the new facility." The amendment was adopted.

Commissioner Barkley proposed an amendment charging fees to other media organizations that cover the teams.

The drafting committee was authorized to draft language providing fairness to reporters who cover the team full-time and reporters who may cover the team on a one-time basis.

Senator Kelley proposed an amendment exempting stadium construction costs paid by public funds from sales taxes. The amendment was adopted.

The task force broke briefly from 3:00 to 3:10.

The drafting committee was authorized to draft language regarding ownership and management of the facilities.

Representative Holberg proposed an amendment authorizing a constitutional amendment allowing a private casino to finance the stadiums. The amendment was withdrawn.

Representative Osthoff substituted an amendment to be inserted under funding issues."The Legislature is urged to consider gaming-related revenue streams as an option to support public financing of proposed new professional sports facilities.". As part of the amendment, the earlier Barkley / Juhnke amendment on lottery and tip boards was deleted. The amendment was adopted.

Representative Osthoff proposed an amendment recommending the legislature explore federal conformity of federal income taxes professional sports franchises. The amendment was adopted.

The staff was directed to review the meeting at Mankato to insure that all tentative agreements by the Task Force would be included for consideration on a final report by the Task Force.

Karla Blomberg proposed amending provision G, under Reform of Professional Sports, page 3, to include ownership responsibility for managing the construction of the facilities.
The drafting committee was authorized to write a recommendation.

Representative Holberg proposed an amendment "Minnesotans who do not attend a proposed new professional sports facility or who do not derive a direct economic benefit from the facility should not pay one dollar toward the financing of the facility." The amendment was defeated.

Representative Goodno discussed tax increment financing for the new facilities but did not offer an amendment.

Senator Kelley proposed an amendment directing the drafting committee to include the following in its recommendations: "The Task Force recommends to the 2002 Legislature and Governor adopt legislation providing for public financing of a baseball stadium and a football stadium to be jointly used by the Vikings and the Gophers."

On a vote of 13 Ayes, 4 Nays, and 1 pass, the directive to the drafting committee was adopted.

Chairman Haddeland and Chairman Goodno were given authority to appoint a drafting committee from members of the Task Force to draft final report for consideration at the consideration January 28 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 4:58 p.m.