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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session


Meetings are listed by date with the most recent meeting at the top. If there is a television recording of the meeting links to that format will be available below.

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HF1254 (E. Murphy) St. Paul; Sales tax revenue use for the payment of principals of bonds extended to 2014, unexpended fund use clarified, neighborhood program application and proposal review process modified
HF1267 (Lesch) St. Paul; Event district expansion funding provided, bonds issued
HF1333 (Gardner) Metropolitan area transit and paratransit capital expenditures additional funding provided, and certain obligations authorized.
HF1375 (Buesgens) Municipal authority to issue bonds for other postemployment benefits eliminated.
HF1883 (Davnie) Maximum limit on state agricultural society's bonded debt and the sunset on the authority to issue bonds eliminated, authorized investments of debt service funds modified, and notification of the commissioner of finance required.
HF2078 (Kalin) Chisago City; Lindstrom; Joint venture established, debt issued for use outside of the jurisdiction, and shared revenues authorized.
HF1298 (Lenczewski) Issuance of obligations and financing of publi


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HF1998 (Paymar) Income tax rates increased.
HF923 (Carlson) Property taxes; One-year lag in determining fiscal disparities contribution net tax capacities and discrimination levies eliminated.
HF2217 (Dill) Cook County; Local sales and use tax and bonding authority limit for certain projects modified.
HF1405 (Hilstrom) Tax data disclosed to law enforcement authorities.
HF1257 (Mullery) Taxation mandates imposed on pass-through interests of nonresident individuals clarified.
HF1584 (Gardner) Home heating fuel exemption modified.
HF1105 (Swails) Transit taxing district redefined, and tax levy outside existing transit taxing district authorized.
HF2172 (Lenczewski) Sales tax technical changes made.

HF101 (Kalin) has been removed from the agenda


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HF215 (Morrow) North Mankato; Tax increment financing district requirements changed
HF219 (Brynaert) Mankato; Tax increment financing district requirements changed.
HF294 (Ruud) Minnetonka; Tax increment financing district duration extended
HF360 (Simon) St. Louis Park; Tax increment financing district duration extended
HF361 (Simon) St. Louis Park; Tax increment financing district duration and time extended for certain activities.
HF1492 (Simon) Hopkins tax increment financing district duration extension
HF676 (Laine) Columbia Heights; tax increment financing duration extended to ten years
HF870 (Reinert) Tax increment financing district creation authorized by the Seaway Port Authority of Duluth
HF1291 (Lesch) St. Paul; Central corridor light rail transit project area established, and tax increment district duration extended.
HF1296 (Mullery) Brooklyn Park; St. Paul; Fridley; Housing replacement district plan additional authority allowed to spend increments, housing replaceme


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HF72 (Norton) Lifelong learning account program established, tax credits allowed to employers and employees for contributions to lifelong learning accounts, funding provided and money appropriated. (informational hearing only)
HF937 (Demmer) Job opportunity building zone amendments allowed to agreements under certain circumstances
HF1980 (Davnie) Digital products taxed
HF1664 (Mullery) Occasional sales tax exclusion provision modified to omit watercraft.
HF1782 (Lenczewski) State government financing provisions modified relating to taxes, individual income, corporate franchise, property and sales and use, additions required, federal section 179 expensing allowances conformed, subtractions disallowed, nonrefundable credits allowed, refundable Minnesota child credit allowed, various provisions repealed, and money appropriated- continuation of public testimony


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Report to the Legislature of the Governor's 21st Century Tax Reform Commission
HFXXX (Lenczewski) Corporate franchise, individual income, mining occupation, sales and use, and cigarette excise taxation; adopt the recommendations of the governor's 21st Century Tax Commission (bill to be introduced Wednesday, April 1, 2009)
The language for HFXXX will be available on the tax committee website late in the day on March 31, 2009. Please see
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 74
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