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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session

Labor and Consumer Protection Division

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Labor and Consumer Protection Division

HF908 (Urdahl) Shared work employer plans extended by one year.
HF927 (Mahoney) Construction codes and licensing modified, high pressure piping profession provisions added, appropriations restrictions modified, authority to adopt rules for obtaining boiler licenses extended.
HF578 (Hortman) Building and construction contracts and indemnification agreements regulated.
HF528 (Davnie) Reverse mortgage requirement eliminated, counseling by an independent housing agency mandated, lender default regulated, liability imposed on a subsequent purchaser of a reverse mortgage, right of recission provided, and suitability defined.
HF1418 (Nelson) Plumbing regulated.
HF1419 (Hilstrom) Plumbing inspector qualifications required.

Labor and Consumer Protection Division

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HF925 (Sertich) Official measure of unemployment expanded.
HF818 (Hilstrom) Financial records disclosure in connection with financial exploitation investigations authorized, procedures for reporting and investigating maltreatment modified, duties of financial institutions in cases of financial exploitation specified, and penalties imposed.
HF1116 (Davnie) Unemployment benefit requirements waived for dislocated workers, Minnesota investment fund authorization expanded, unemployment provisions modified, appeals required to be filed online, collection fee provided, unemployment benefit filing regulated, terms defined and clarified, and money appropriated.
HF1214 (Davnie) Eviction provisions clarified, governing contracts for deeds modified, and contracts regulated for deeds involving residential property and residential leases with an option to purchase.
HF612 (Lesch) Sick leave minimum standards established.

Labor and Consumer Protection Division

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HF1048 (Brynaert) Eligibility for benefits under certain training programs provided.
HF903 (Mullery) Foreclosure consultant provisions modified.
HF250 (Knuth) Children's health protected from toxic chemicals in products, disclosure required by manufacturers of children's products that contain chemicals of high concern, Pollution Control Agency authorized to designate priority chemicals and safer alternative replacement required, exemption process provided, clearinghouse participation authorized, and legislative reports required.
HF914 (Davnie) Payday lending regulated, penalties and remedies provided.
HF1056 (Howes) Construction subcontractors prompt payment required.

HF612 (Lesch) has been removed from the agenda.

Labor and Consumer Protection Division

HF420 (Laine) Existing statutory implied residential construction warranties required to be made as express warranties and be provided to the buyer in writing, and warranty waivers prohibited.
HF239 (Gardner) Homeowners permitted to recover all damages incurred due to faulty construction.
HF403 (Gardner) Yard waste containers required to be compostable, and biodegradable standard for certain plastics established.
HF813 (Johnson) Trucking industry classifications of employment regulated.

Labor and Consumer Protection Division

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HF549 (Davnie) Debt management and debt settlement services regulated.
HF362 (Knuth) Homeowner's written notice requirement to building contractor of construction defect eliminated.
HF330 (Scalze) Homeowners provided with a longer period within which to notify contractors of construction defects.
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