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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session

Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight

Meetings are listed by date with the most recent meeting at the top. If there is a television recording of the meeting links to that format will be available below.

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Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight

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SF29*/HF53 (E. Murphy) Pharmacy practice provision changed in administering influenza vaccines
SF230*/HF240 (Norton) Licensure for physician assistants created
HF1760 (Thissen) Continuing health care provisions modified, medical assistance, nursing facilities, and data management modifications provided
SF213*/HF285 (Clark) WIC coupons allowed to be used to purchase organic food
HF2069 (Liebling) Chemical health pilot projects created
HF1110 (Thissen) Persons with disabilities service programs and licensure provisions modified, report required, and money appropriated
HF1708 (Hosch) Mental health provisions amended, medical assistance reimbursement and eligibility changed, provider qualification and training requirements changed, mental health behavioral aide services amended, and an excluded service added

Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight

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HF1328 (Thissen) Youth violence addressed as a public health problem, prevention and intervention programs addressing risk factors of youth violence coordinated and aligned
HF181 (Thissen) MinnesotaCare eligibility provisions modified
HF1002 (E. Murphy) Nursing education demonstration project grant established, and money appropriated
HF504 (Kahn) Women's heart health program established, and money appropriated
HF657 (Thissen) 24-hour customized living services modified
HF374 (Thissen) Special transportation services renamed, medical transportation requirements modified, and reimbursement modified
HF577 (Hosch) MFIP housing penalty repealed
HF1522 (Hayden) Treatment of income for determining county reimbursement for foster care, examination, or treatment provisions modified

*Note: A delete-all amendment will be offered to HF577 and will contain the language in Article 6 from HF1571, Protecting Children and Strengthening Families Act; a delete-all amendment will be offered to

Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Supportive housing and managed care pilot cost study results, Hearth Connection
HF1276 (Norton) County human services mandates modified
HF866 (Hosch) School districts required to obtain employee health coverage through the public employees insurance program
HF249 (Thissen) Emeritus status requirements modified for licensed psychologists, inactive licensure status for licensed psychologists created, licensed psychologists authorized to provide a final determination not to certify, and licensed psychologist added to Health Care Reform Review Council

HF504 (Kahn) and HF657 (Thissen) have been moved to Wednesday's agenda
SF213*/HF285 (Clark) and HF2069 (Liebling) have been moved to Thursday's agenda

Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight

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HF818 (Hilstrom) Financial records disclosure in connection with financial exploitation investigations authorized, procedures for reporting and investigating maltreatment modified, duties of financial institutions in cases of financial exploitation specified, and penalties imposed (pending referral)
HF1577 (Newton) Nursing homes and home care licensure requirements added
HF1448 (Mullery) Information released to health care agents, and access granted to health care agents
HF1313 (Dean) Minnesota Sex Offender Program wages paid to patients allocated
HF581 (Hosch) Disabled children's available services under medical assistance definition expanded
HF1293 (Loeffler) Emergency medical transport provisions modified
HF1338 (Norton) Standard reference compendia definition expanded
HF961 (Bunn) Physical activity costs allowed to be covered under home and community-based waivers
HF1988 (E. Murphy) Managed care plan and county-based purchasing plan provider reimbursement rate information r

Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight

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HF1865 (Gottwalt) MinnesotaCare service provision modified, healthy Minnesota plan requirements established, and healthy Minnesota accounts established for MinnesotaCare enrollees
HF1935 (E. Murphy) MinnesotaCare and medical assistance consolidated, enrollment and eligibility procedures streamlined
HF1524 (Falk) MinnesotaCare; Supplemental hospital coverage authorized
HF1659 (Solberg) Human service authority established, county aid established, and workgroup created
HF1745 (Ruud) Health occupations provisions modified, licensed heath care professional definition expanded, food, beverage, and lodging establishments provisions modified, federal government rules required to implement the minimum data set for resident reimbursement classification, Licensing Division report
HF535 (Thao) Licensing Policy Omnibus bill, Licensing Division report
HF986 (Thissen) County maintenance of effort provisions amended for mental health provisions
HF2076 (Loeffler) Equal access and equitable fundi
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