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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session

Local Government Division

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Local Government Division

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Testimony on effects of Governor Pawlenty's 2009 unallotments to cities and counties

Local Government Division

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HF1670 (Mariani) Municipality rent control provisions modified.
SF740 (Abeler) Anoka County; Design-build process authorized to award contract for construction of intersection of U.S. Highway 10 and County State-Aid Highway 83.

SF104 (Kelly) has been removed from the agenda

Local Government Division

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HF1849 (Nelson) Local governmental unit mandates removed, extended, and modified.
HF17 (Sertich) Central Iron Range Sanitary Sewer District authorized.
HF424 (Hansen) Critical Areas Act of 1973 modified.
HF986 (Thissen) County maintenance of effort provisions amended for mental health provisions.
HF1955 (Holberg) Temporary transfers authorized from the metropolitan livable communities fund accounts and the right-of-way loan acquisition fund for transit operating deficits, and funding sources modified for metropolitan livable communities fund accounts.

The following bill has been removed from the agenda:
HF1547 (Hortman) Municipality design-build method of contracting pilot program created.
HF1670 (Mariani) Municipality rent control provisions modified.

Local Government Division

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HF1530 (Hornstein) Metropolitan Airports Commission required to prohibit outsourcing of certain jobs.
HF721 (Hornstein) Metropolitan Council restructured as a council of governments.
HF332/SF261* (Jackson) Transfer on death deeds technical modifications; common element certificates modifications; real estate designated transfer, power of attorney and cartway procedure modifications
HF1828 (Hornstein) Municipal comprehensive plan for affordable housing amendments authorized to be approved by a simple majority.
HF201 (Thao) County publication of individual claim threshold amount increased.
HF157 (Mullery) Zoning for owner-occupied residential uses authorized.
HF530 (Nelson) Comprehensive plan reviews by adjacent governmental unit time period modified, and water management plan requirements clarified.
HF1501 (Westrom) Central Lakes Region Sanitary District restructured as an elected body or alternatively dissolved.
The following bills have been removed from the agenda:
HF1955 (

Local Government Division

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HF1238 (Dill) Refund provisions modified, definitions modified, publication requirements modified, restrictions in migratory feeding and resting areas modified, local law exemptions provided, wild animal and fish taking, possession, and licensing requirements provided, and certain fees authorized.
HF1536 (Nelson) University of Minnesota; Enacting of ordinances authorized, criminal penalties provided.
HF1378 (Morrow) Local disaster assistance program and local disaster fund established, money appropriated.
HF936 (Thissen) Communities for a lifetime criteria specified, and Minnesota Board on Aging and commissioner of employment and economic development required to develop recommendations on the designation of communities for a lifetime.
HF1423 (Winkler) Municipalities required to utilize state cooperative purchasing.
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