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Audio/Video Archives - 2017-2018 Regular Session

Civil Law and Data Practices Policy

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Civil Law and Data Practices Policy

HF2767 (Davnie) will be heard on an informational basis only.
Bills Added:
HF4459 (Peppin) - Sexual harassment definition clarified.
HF4458 (Zerwas) - Vulnerable Adult Maltreatment Prevention and Accountability Act established; nursing home, home care provider, housing with services establishments, and assisted living services provisions modified; maltreatment of vulnerable adults reporting modified; data sharing requirements modified; working groups established; and reports required.
HF2767 (Davnie) - Statutory form for making declarations about restrictive covenants that are prohibited under law provided.

Civil Law and Data Practices Policy

Audio Available: Download Mp3
More bills may be added.

Bills may be heard in any order.
Bills Added:
HF3822 (Albright) - Duty to warn and reciprocity for mental health professionals expanded, and technical changes made.
HF3833 (Schomacker) - Financial exploitation protections provided for older and vulnerable adults.
HF3689 (Kiel) - Birth defect information system changes made.
HF3398 (Zerwas) - Health commissioner use of all-payer claims data to analyze health care costs, quality, utilization, and illness burdens date restriction changed; and definitions added.
HF3366 (Zerwas) - Tribal vital record keeping changes made.
HF3837 (O'Driscoll) - Disclosure, independent expenditures, noncampaign disbursements, reporting requirements, coordinated and noncoordinated expenditures, and other campaign finance provisions amended; and new definitions added.
HF3367 (Zerwas) - Practice of advanced practice registered nurses modified.
HF4227 (Schomacker) - Minnesota Health Policy Commission established, Nurse Licensure Compact enacted, Nurse Licensure Compact clarified to existing laws, and money appropriated.
H4227DE1_2.pdf (3/28/2018)
H3398A1.pdf (3/28/2018)
H3398A2.pdf (3/28/2018)
H3689A1.pdf (3/28/2018)
H3689A2.pdf (3/28/2018)
H3833A2.pdf (3/28/2018)
H3833A3.pdf (3/28/2018)
H4227A1.pdf (3/28/2018)
H4227A2.pdf (3/28/2018)

Civil Law and Data Practices Policy

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Bills may be added.

Bills may be heard in any order.

Bills Added:
HF3790 (Scott) - Miscellaneous technical corrections to laws and statutes made; erroneous, obsolete, and omitted text and references corrected; and redundant, conflicting, and superseded provisions removed.
HF3504 (Zerwas) - Criminal gang investigative data retention extended.
HF3095 (Smith) - Waste management provisions modified.
HF3573 (Albright) - Family child care and legal nonlicensed child care program background study requirements modified.
HF2669 (Anderson) - University of Minnesota sexual harassment reporting requirement imposed, and Board of Regents requested to amend harassment policies at the University of Minnesota.
HF3169 (Schomacker) - Background study requirements for minors living in a licensed foster care home modified.
HF3578 (Hilstrom) - Predatory offender registration provisions amended.
HF1007 (Howe) - State agency criteria required to be met before suing a local government.
HF2699 (Scott) - Parenting presumptions modified.
HF3480 (Barr) - Consumer report regulation modified; and security freezes, alternative dispute resolution, and credit monitoring services regulated.
HF2116 (Lesch) - Applicant and employee personal usernames and passwords protected from access by employers, and civil enforcement provided.
HF3640 (Albright) - Temporary license suspensions and background checks modified for health-related professionals.
HF3795 (Koznick) - Human Services Department and Metropolitan Council data sharing for special transportation purposes authorized, and Metro Mobility service area extended.
HF3582 (Omar) - Residential lease requirements amended.
H2669A2.pdf (3/21/2018)
H2699DE3.pdf (3/21/2018)
H3095A2.pdf (3/21/2018)
H3169A1.pdf (3/21/2018)
H3480A3.pdf (3/21/2018)
H2699DE4_1.pdf (3/21/2018)
H3795A2.pdf (3/21/2018)

Civil Law and Data Practices Policy

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Bills may be taken up in any order.

More bills may be added.
Bills Added:
HF3693 (Smith) - Trespass to critical infrastructure liability and vicarious liability created, and crime for recruiting or educating individuals to trespass on or damage critical infrastructure created.
HF3771 (Vogel) - Fiscal note provisions effective date modified, and provisions governing the Legislative Budget Office modified.
HF3725 (Knoblach) - Criminal forfeiture provided, participation in the federal equitable sharing program limited, and administrative forfeiture eliminated.
HF2987 (Kiel) - Drug repository program created.
HF3258 (Scott) - Automatic license plate reader and portable recording system provisions modified.
HF2725 (Dean) - County-based eligibility determination for medical assistance and MinnesotaCare required, seeking a waiver to determine eligibility for premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions required, legislative oversight of expenditures provided, and money appropriated.
HF2795 (Loon) - Teacher code of ethics codified, background checks required, mandatory reporting expanded, grounds for teacher discharge expanded, and criminal sexual conduct offenses for persons in current or recent positions of authority of juveniles expanded.
HF2953 (Scott) - Chapter 13 responsibilities transferred from administration commissioner to the Office of Administrative Hearings, data practices coordinator position established, administrative remedy under chapter 13 amended, and money appropriated.
HF3552 (Smith) - Residential use definition under the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act modified.
HF1440 (Baker) - Opioid Addiction Prevention and Treatment Advisory Council established; opioid addiction prevention and treatment account established; substance use disorder treatment provider requirements modified; opioid addiction prevention, education, research, intervention, treatment, and recovery provisions modified; reports required; and money appropriated.
HF3577 (Anselmo) - Salt applicator certification program established, and liability limited.
HF2780 (Quam) - Background study provisions modified.
HF2934 (Grossell) - Stays of adjudication record transfer to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension required, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension required to share data with parties requesting background checks, and offenders who receive stays of adjudication for disqualifying offenses prohibited from serving as school bus drivers.
HF3622 (Hoppe) - Reinsurer accreditation and certification requirements changed.

Civil Law and Data Practices Policy

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Bills Added:
HF3380 (Scott) - Owner and rental agreement definitions amended, and property sale requirements for self-service storage facilities clarified.
HF3295 (Scott) - Joint petitions for custody and parenting time allowed to be filed in legal separations and by unmarried parents.
HF3344 (Pryor) - Child support determination modified, and payments of child support arrearages modified.
HF1316 (Lesch) - Video and audio recordings added to list of personnel data classified as public.
HF2309 (Lesch) - Electronic device location tracking warrant reporting of information enabled.
HF3551 (Lohmer) - Safe at Home program requirements modified, and technical and clarifying changes made.
HF3406 (Scott) - Potential income determinations and reporting of arrears provisions modified.
HF3389 (Scott) - Child support modification presumptions modified.
HF3698 (Smith) - Public private partnerships for infrastructure projects authorized.
HF3032 (Layman) - Transportation network companies regulated.
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