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Education Finance


2005-2006 Regular Session - Tuesday, March 21, 2006



Representative Barb Sykora, Chair of the Education Finance Committee, called the forty-eighth meeting to order at 12:41 p.m., on, March 21, 2006 in Room 5 of the State Office Building. A quorum was present.

The clerk noted the roll.

Members present:

Sykora, Barb, Chair Erickson, Sondra
Demmer, Randy, Vice Chair Dorn, John
Bernardy, Connie Newman, Scott
Johnson, Ruth Klinzing, Karen
Davnie, Jim Greiling, Mindy
Meslow, Doug Eken, Kent
Buesgens, Mark Heidgerken, Bud

Representative Charron presented HF3232 - Cost factor and wage rate difference in school districts examination required.

Representative Charron moved to amend HF3232 with the A06-1176 amendment. THE MOTION PREVAILED. THE AMENDMENT WAS ADOPTED.

Testifying on HF3232 as amended:
Scott Croonquist, Association of Metropolitan School Districts.
Jan Alswager, Education Minnesota.

Representative Sykora laid over HF3232, as amended, for possible inclusion in Education Finance Omnibus bill.

Representative Newman assumed the gavel.

Representative Sykora presented HF3367 - School district consolidated financial statement created, Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards data conversion to new format required, publication of new format required, and task force established.

Testifying on HF3367:
Ward Eames, business owner and member of Hopkins business task force.
Tom Berge, Director of Finance and Operations for Minnetonka Schools.

Representative Meslow moved to orally amend HF3367 as follows:

Page 2, line 26, delete "11" and insert "12"

Page 2, line 31 delete “and", and after “Officials" insert “, and the Minnesota School Boards Association" THE MOTION PREVAILED. THE AMENDMENT WAS ADOPTED.

Representative Newman laid over HF 3367 for possible inclusion in the Education Finance Omnibus bill.

Representative Meslow presented HF2738 - School districts belonging to an intermediate school district authorized to levy for school safety activities for possible inclusion in the Education Finance Omnibus bill.

Ms. Sandy Lewandowski, Superintendent, Intermediate 287.
Ms. Michaelbust, Supervisor District 287 Mental Health Programs.

Representative Sykora laid over HF3367 for possible inclusion in the Education Finance Omnibus bill.

Representative Howes presented HF3247 - Safe schools revenue minimum for small school districts established.

Representative Sykora laid over HF3247 to be added to the agenda for March 22, 2006.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:23 p.m.

Representative Barb Sykora, Chair

Kathy Dettman
Committee Legislative Assistant