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Health Care and Human Services Finance Division


2009-2010 Regular Session - Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Thomas E. Huntley, Chair

Chair Thomas Huntley began the twentieth meeting of the Health Care and Human Services Finance Division at 1:04 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17, 2009, in Room 200 of the State Office Building. A quorum was not present.

HF1571 (Abeler) - Governor's budget for health and human services established, various health care provisions amended, Protecting Children and Strengthening Families Act and Northstar Care for Children established, fees increased, work groups created, and money appropriated.

Vice Chair Abeler made brief introductory comments about the Governor’s bill and turned the floor over to the following Department of Human Services individuals who each gave overviews of specific articles in the bill:

Jean Wood, Director, Aging and Adult Services, on Article 1
Alex Bartolic, Director, Disability Services, on Article 1
Bob Held, Director, Nursing Facility Rates and Policy, on Article 1
Chuck Johnson, Assistant Commissioner, Child and Family Services, on Articles 2, 3, 4
Erin Sullivan-Sutton, Director, Child Safety and Permanency, on Articles 6 and 7
Jerry Kerber, Director, Licensing, on Article 8
Shannon McMahon, Manager, Adult Supports Manager, introduced Karen Gibson and Troy Mangan, Managers,
HCCA, who presented an overview on health care program simplification
John Zakelj, Manager, Chemical and Mental Health, on Article 13
Michael Tessneer, Chief Executive Officer, State Operated Services (SOS), on Article 10
Dan Storkamp, Deputy Director, DHS and MSOP (MN Sex Offender Program), on Article 10

During testimony at 1:12 p.m. a quorum was present and Chair Huntley formally called the meeting to order. The clerk noted the roll:

Members Present:

Huntley, Thomas, Chair
Abeler, Jim, Vice Chair
Anzelc, Tom
Bunn, Julie
Dean, Matt
Emmer, Tom
Fritz, Patti
Gottwalt, Steve
Hayden, Jeff
Hosch, Larry
Kiffmeyer, Mary
Liebling, Tina
Murphy, Erin
Otremba, Mary Ellen
Peppin, Joyce
Peterson, Sandra
Ruud, Maria
Scalze, Bev
Thao, Cy
Thissen, Paul

Members Excused:

Slawik, Nora

Members Absent:

Brod, Laura

Representative Peppin moved approval of the March 5, 2009, minutes. The motion prevailed.

Health Care & Human Services Finance
March 17, 2009
Page 2

Vice Chair Abeler moved HF1571 be held over for possibly inclusion in a later bill and further moved adoption of
the H1571A1-1 amendment with the following oral incorporation:

page 85, delete line 85.1
page 289, delete section 35

The motion prevailed.

Testimony resumed.

Chair Huntley moved HF1571, as amended, be laid on the table and adjourned the meeting at 2:09 p.m.

Thomas E. Huntley, Chair

Jan Horner, Committee Legislative Assistant
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HF1571 (Abeler) Governor's health and human services budget