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Transportation Finance and Policy Division


2009-2010 Regular Session - Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Representative Bernie Lieder, Chair of the House Transportation Finance & Policy Division called the meeting to order at 10:08 A.M. on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 in Room 10 of the State Office Building.

The Committee Legislative Assistant noted the roll.

Members present:

Lieder, Chair

Members Excused: Champion, Doepke, Morgan, Nelson, Reinert, Swails

A quorum was present.

Rep. Terry Morrow shared update information regarding the Statewide Rail Plan. Matt Burress, House Research, and Rep. Morrow discussed information regarding state truck weight restrictions. Gene Halvorson, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) spoke to committee questions.

Rep. Welti moved adoption of the minutes from April 28, 2009. THE MOTION PREVAILED.

Tim Henkel, Modal Planning & Program Management Division Director gave introductory remarks. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Highway funds, reporting and projects authorized were shared by Jon Chiglo, ARRA Director, MnDOT. ARRA Modal Program Status including reporting and funding were shared by Tim Henkel.

Rick Kjonaas, MnDOT State Aid Assistant Division Director, discussed local bridge bonding projects and other bridge funding sources.

The committee recessed at 12:05PM with the intention of reconvening at 1:05 PM. Rep. Lieder called the meeting back to order at 1:13 PM.

Koryn Zewers, House Fiscal Analyst, spoke to the following subjects: Highway Revenues Overview, Motor Vehicle Sales Tax and the Highway User Tax Distribution Fund.

Tim Henkel, Modal Planning & Program Management Division Director, MnDOT again addressed the committee regarding Greater MN Transit and state Airport Funds Updates. Mike Schadauer, Director of the Office of Transit, MnDOT, assisted in the discussion. Chris Roy, Director of the MnDOT Office of Areonautics, was introduced to the committee.

Matt Burress, House Research Legislative Analyst and Koryn Zewers, House Fiscal Analyst provided information to the committee regarding the Petroleum Tank Fund.

Matt Burress, House Research Legislative Analyst provided information on the following: Alternative Fuels, Special Plates and Township Signing.

Handouts and information regarding all of the above topics are attached for reference.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:33 P.M.

Bernie Lieder, Chair

Susie Maher, Committee Legislative Asst.


Truck Size and Weight Summary
Memo - Special Fuels
Memo - Road Signs
Memo - Petroleum tank release cleanup fee
Memo - Overview of license plates with a focus on special plates.
Minnesota Department of Transportation ARRA, Greater Minnesota Transit, Airport Program Status, & Local Bridge Bonding Update
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Funding for Minnesota Transportation - Table
Transportation Finance Division Highway Revenue Overview PowerPoint A
Transportation Finance Division Highway Revenue Overview PowerPoint B
Transportation Finance Division Highway Revenue Overview PowerPoint C
More Info On This Meeting..
House TV Video:
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02:40 - Gavel and introductory remarks.
05:20 - Statewide Rail Plan update.
11:28 - Truck weight restrictions.
38:38 - Introductory remarks from MnDOT staff.
44:20 - The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
1:17:04 - Local bridge bonding, including discussion of small city road funding.
The division went in recess to the call of the Chair.
Runs 1 hour, 57 minutes.

House TV Video:
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09:31 - Gavel, and highway revenues overview.
57:00 - Greater Minnesota transit.
1:24:30 - State Airport Funds update.
1:33:24 - Petroleum Tank Fund.
1:46:20 - Alternative fuels.
1:55:01 - Special plates.
2:11:45 - Township signing.
Runs 2 hours, 20 minutes.

Oversight hearing and update on various transportation issues including but not limited to: ARRA, MVST tax receipts, gas tax revenues, metro and rural transit, state railroad plan