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Veterans and Military Affairs Finance and Policy Division

Third Meeting

2019-2020 Regular Session - Tuesday, January 29, 2019

State of Minnesota Third Meeting
House of Representatives Ninety-First Session
Veterans and Military Affairs Finance & Policy Division


Representative Rob Ecklund, Chair of the Veterans and Military Affairs Finance & Policy Division, called the first meeting to order 2:35 P.M. on January 29th in Capitol Room 120.

The Committee Legislative Assistant noted the roll.

Members present:
Ecklund, Rob, Chair
Xiong, Jay, Vice Chair
Dettmer, Bob
Becker- Finn, Jamie
Heinrich, John
Miller, Tim
Persell, John

Brand, Jeff
Grossell, Matt

A quorum was present at 2:35 P.M.

Chair Ecklund motions to approve the minutes and Representative Heinrich seconded the motion.

January 22nd committee minutes are approved.

Director Andy Garvais and Deputy Commissioner Brad Lindsey, Minnesota Department of Veteran’s Affairs, gave presentation on programs and services provided to homeless veterans.

President and CEO Neil Loidolt, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans, gave presentation of MACV.

Legislative Officer and Homeless Veterans Officer Tommy Johnson, Department of Minnesota Veterans of Foreign Wars, addresses the committee in response to MACV

Chair Ecklund adjourns the meeting at 4pm.

Rep. Rob Ecklund, Chair

Josh Kilgard
Committee Legislative Assistant

More Info On This Meeting..

Overview of Veterans Homeless with presentations from the MN Dept of Veterans Affairs Programs and Services Division and the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans