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Veterans and Military Affairs Finance and Policy Division

Twelfth Meeting

2019-2020 Regular Session - Tuesday, April 2, 2019

State of Minnesota Twelfth Meeting
House of Representatives Ninety- First Session

Veterans and Military Affairs Finance and Policy Division


Representative Rob Ecklund, Chair of the Veterans and Military Affairs Finance & Policy Division, called the meeting to order at 2:31 P.M. on April 2nd, 2019 in Capitol Room 120.

The Committee Legislative Assistant noted the roll.

Members present:
Ecklund Rob, Chair
Xiong, Jay, Vice Chair
Dettmer, Bob
Becker-Finn, Jamie
Brand, Jeff
Heinrich, Jim
Miller, Tim
Persell, John
Grossell, Matt

A quorum was present at 2:32p.m.

Representative Brand moved approval of the minutes, motion prevailed.

Chair Ecklund moved HF 2086 before the committee.

Chair Ecklund moved the H2086 DE 3 amendment.

Helen Roberts, non-partisan fiscal analyst, gave an overview of the fiscal spreadsheet of HF 2086.

Jeff Diebel, non-partisan research analyst, walked through the bill language of HF 2086.

Chair Ecklund moved adoption of the A3 amendment.

Representative Dettmer moved A4 amendment to the DE3 amendment, motion prevailed.

Chair Ecklund moved that the DE3 amendment, as amended, be adopted, motion prevailed.

Public Testimony:
Jon Jensen, Adjutant General, Minnesota National Guard
Don Kerr, Executive Director, Minnesota Department of Military Affairs
Brock Hunter, Veterans Defense Project
Andru Peters, American Legion

Chair Ecklund renewed motion that HF 2086, as amended, be re-referred to Ways and Means, motion prevailed.

Meeting concludes at 3:12.

Rep. Rob Ecklund, Chair


Prepared by Grace Doyle,
Committee Legislative Assistant

More Info On This Meeting..
Bills Added:
  • HF2086 (Ecklund) - Military and veteran affairs budget established.
House TV Video:
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HF2086 (Ecklund) Omnibus Veterans and Military Finance bill.
Runs 42 minutes.

Bill Hearing:
HF2086 (Ecklund) Military and veteran affairs budget established

The H2086 DE3 Amendment is the Veterans and Military Affairs Omnibus bill.

House files included in the DE3 Amendment are:
HF143 (Ecklund) Armed Forces Service Center at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport grant funding provided for the replacement of furniture and beds used by active duty service members waiting for connecting flights, and money appropriated
HF203 (O'Neill) Data sharing permitted to administer the disabled veteran's homestead market value exclusion
HF430 (J. Xiong) Veterans defense project grant funding provided, and money appropriated
HF889 (J. Xiong) Military veterans definitions modified
HF998 (Ecklund) Sentencing veterans for criminal offenses related to a service-related disorder court guidance provided
HF1189 (Ecklund) Counseling and Care Management, Outreach, Referral, and Education (C.O.R.E.) program funding provided, and money appropriated
HF1773 (Dettmer) Minnesota Medal of Honor Commemorative Memorial construction funding provided
HF 1958 (Ecklund) Department of Veterans Affairs contracting with publicity representatives allowed
HF1959 (Ecklund) Commissioner of veterans affairs duties clarified