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Thursday, January 7, 2016

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Thursday, January 7, 2016
Thursday, January 7, 2016 , 8:00 AM

Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council

Chair: Robert (Bob) Anderson
Location: 5 State Office Building
1. Review and Approve Agenda
2. Review and Approve Minutes
3. Members Report any Conflict of Interest on Today's Agenda
4. Executive Director's Report
5. ML 2016/FY 2017 Draft Bill Language
a. Action: Subd. 3(b), Jack Pine Forest/Crow Wing River Watershed Habitat Acquisition
b. Information: Subd. 3(j), Protecting Forest Wildlife Habitat in the Wild Rice River Watershed
6. Presentation: Completed Outdoor Heritage Fund project ML 2012, Ch. 264, Art. 1, Sec. 2,
Subd. 5(f), Grand Marais Creek Outlet Restoration
Myron Jesme, Red Lake Watershed District
7. Information: Update on ML 2017/FY 2018 Call Criteria and Request for Proposals
Jane Kingston, Vice Chair
8. Opportunity for Public to Address the Council

Work Session Immediately Following Council Business Meeting
Chair: Jane Kingston
1. Council Work Session: ML 2017/FY 2018 Call Criteria and Request for Proposals

For more agenda information, click here
Chair: Sen. Scott Dibble
Location: Room 200 State Office Building
I. Introduction

II. Overview

III. Discussion of possible compliance measures

IV. Public Testimony

The working group will hear limited public testimony (approximately 20 minutes). Interested parties may sign up to testify at the hearing. Please plan to limit your remarks to two minutes or less.


House Members

Rep. Scott
Rep. Whelan
Rep. Christensen
Rep. Fabian
Rep. Miller
Rep. Vogel
Rep. Smith
Rep. Daniels
Rep. Johnson, B
Rep. Quam
Rep. Petersburg
Rep. Kresha
Rep. Cornish
Rep. Kelly
Rep. Pugh
Rep. Mariani
Rep. Hansen
Rep. Yarusso
Rep. Isaacson
Rep. Freiberg
Rep. Clark

Senate Members

Sen. Dibble
Sen. Carlson
Sen. Clausen
Sen. Franzen
Sen. Hawj
Sen. Koenen
Sen. Latz
Sen. Reinert
Sen. Saxhaug
Sen. Schmit
Sen. Limmer
Sen. Osmek
Sen. Nelson
Sen. Senjem
Sen. Ortman
Sen. Hall
Sen. Housley

Governor's Office
Jaime Tincher

Public Members
Mary-Liz Holberg
Yvette Schue

**More Members May be Added
Chair: Sen. David Tomassoni
Location: 10 State Office Building
This will be the first meeting of the Iron Range Unemployment Legislative Working Group.

This Working Group will be Co-Chaired by Senator David Tomassoni and Representative Tom Hackbarth.


House Members
Co-Chair Rep. Tom Hackbarth
Rep. Dale Lueck
Rep. Dave Baker
Rep. Denny McNamara
Rep. Bob Gunther
Rep. Jim Newberger
Rep. Marion O'Neill
Rep. Pat Garofalo
Rep. Tom Anzelc
Rep. Rob Ecklund
Rep. Carly Melin
Rep. Jason Metsa

Senate Members:
Co-Chair Sen. David Tomassoni
Sen. Bobby Joe Champion
Sen. Tom Saxhaug
Sen. Matt Schmit
Sen. Katie Sieben
Sen. Gary Dahms
Sen. David Senjem

Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben (DEED)
Commissioner Mark Phillips (IRRRB)

Chair: Senator Bobby Joe Champion
Location: 1200 Senate Legislative Office Building
This will be the first meeting of the Working Group on Economic Disparities.

The Working Group will hear a presentation from the State Demographer.

Working Group members:

Rep. Knoblach, Rep. Garofalo, Rep. Loon; Rep. Erickson, Rep. Dean, Rep. Dehn, Rep. Clark, Rep. Mullery, Rep. Persell, Rep. Mahoney, Rep. Fischer, Rep. Schultz, Rep. E. Murphy, Rep. Flanagan, Rep. Carlson, Rep. Bly, Rep. Albright, Rep. Runbeck, Rep. Koznick. Rep. Gruenhagen, Rep. Quam, Rep. Fenton, Rep. Hertaus, Rep. Theis, Rep. McDonald, Rep. Kiel, Rep. Barrett, Rep. Moran, Rep. Backer

Sen. Champion, Sen. Carlson, Sen. Dziedzic, Sen. Eaton, Sen. Franzen, Sen. Hawj, Sen. Hayden, Sen. Hoffman, Sen. Jensen, Sen. Lourey, Sen. Pappas, Sen. Tomassoni, Sen. Bonoff, Sen. Chamberlain, Sen. Hall, Sen. Senjem, Sen. Ingebrigtsen

Other members may be added.