1.15 DISPOSITION OF SENATE FILES. (a) A Senate File received by the House that is accompanied by a message announcing its passage by the Senate must be referred to the appropriate standing committee or division under Rule 1.11. But if a Senate File is received that a member requests be compared to a House File already reported by a standing committee or division of the House and placed on the General Register or on the Calendar for the Day, the Senate File must be referred to the Chief Clerk for comparison. The Chief Clerk shall report whether the Senate File is identical or not identical to the House File and the Senate File may, by majority vote, be substituted for the House File and take its place. The fact that the bills are identical or not identical must be entered in the Journal and the House File is then considered withdrawn.

(b) A Senate File that is amended on the floor of the House, except at the time of final passage, and a Senate File that has been reported to the House with amendments by a House standing committee or division, must be unofficially engrossed and reprinted by the Chief Clerk. An amendment may be offered to an unofficial engrossment of a Senate File.

(c) Except after the last Thursday on which the Legislature can meet in regular session in odd- or even-numbered years, or after a date determined by the Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration, a motion that the House concur in Senate amendments to a House File is not in order until 12 hours after the Speaker announces that a message from the Senate has been received requesting concurrence by the House to amendments adopted by the Senate to a House File.

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